You Don’t Own Me. Keep Yo ‘Pinion to Yoself

A message to men who think they know about vagina

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We’re going to try this again. Because for some reason, there are a plethora of men with large platforms, along with those who just talk shit, who believe in their heart of hearts that they know about women, what women should be doing and how they should be doing it, although they’ve been men ALL their damn lives (insert chuuch claps as you see fit).

So, this medium-sized BBW with a vag is going to tell you and your penis, to shut the fuck up. And, I’m nice. So, I’m not just going to give the shut the fuck up without valid reasoning. I need all of you, for once, to learn some shit today. If you learn nothing else, take this message in…

you don’t own us.

I don’t know why y’all think you do. There’s this misconception during the Adam and Eve union where man somehow thought God gave him the right to own women, to tell women how she’s supposed to conduct herself, what she’s supposed to do with her body, what’s sacred and not sacred. I’m here to tell you it’s a lie. God did not give you those orders. A whole bunch of white Catholic men, in a room, closed off from the public, outlined these rules, called it the Canon, put in the Bible and force-fed it to you…to us.

Sir, you do not own me.

Your patriarchal views of what I should be doing with my vag exist because you can’t stand for me to do exactly what you do, and still carry on with my day as if nothing happened. You hate that because then, who would be the weaker sex here? In your mind, someone has to be below you. That’s the order of balance you want to believe is correct. But sir, I am neither below you, nor beneath you unless I choose to be. It is my choice to submit to you, it is my choice to lie on my back missionary style, just as it is my choice to ride you cowgirl until your eyes roll in the back of your head and speak in languages you didn’t even know your tongue could speak.

Sir, you do not own me.

It is not your place to tell me what I should do with my body because it is MY body. I don’t need folks like you and Steve Harvey telling me to “act like a lady and think like a man”. Since when did y’all know how a woman should act? Were you a woman in a past life? Is there an undisclosed vag I should know about? Oh wait! I get it. This is you, telling me, how you think I should act because that’s what you like. So in order for me to get a man, I need to act like how you want me to act, be who you want me to be, and skip the fact that it took me decades to be comfortable in the skin I’m in, feel liberated in my own personal truth, and recognize how powerful my pussy is because you want me to not take on the persona of those “side chicks” you fucked with?

Thanks Tyrese.
Sir, you do not own me.

So, it is OK for you pass your peen around with countless women like it’s a Sunday special because “your a man” and your “hunter-like nature” makes all women prey…this is the excuse you’re going with? Downgrade yourself to a Neanderthal who has no concept of rational reasoning to justify your “hoeish” ways? Bruh, I’ll pass.

This is ridiculous.

This wholesome image of a woman in a checkered apron, barefoot, standing in front of a cast-iron skillet is disgusting. Your Oedipus Rex complex of wanting a woman to be just like yo mama and grandmama speaks volumes to the little boy in you that never grew up.

Once again, we. are not. a monolith.

We have layers just as you. We are independent, autonomous individuals who can think for ourselves. This business of men coaching women on how to be women needs to be disbanded. You are confusing the masses with your personal bias. You can’t want a virgin to be a freak nasty chick. It doesn’t work that way. And stop telling that to these women who you find that are gullible enough to ingest your sugary, sweet, bullshit just so you can solidify your name.

You can’t be an expert on women because you aren’t one.

Stop it.
Let that shit go.

Find another ministry, please. Women are over the misogyny and the misogynoir.

You want to do something productive with your time, teach these crazy ass offspring of yours how to appreciate women as they are, how to not be rape apologists, how to not sexualize the female body, to step in when a woman is being cat-called, to diffuse an entitled man expecting a woman’s number just because he has a dick, to appreciate a woman at any size or shape and not exclusively shame others who aren’t his preference. This is your ministry. Focus on this and stop trying to tell me, a woman, what I should be doing with my vag.

For the last fucking time, sir, you don’t not own me.


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