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Sophie Grace
Dear Reader: An Online Journal


here’s my big face

Today is the first day of May which also means it’s the first day of my writing challenge! In case you missed it, I challenged myself to write (and publish on here) at least once a day for this whole month.

I thought I’d start out with something light, just to get back into the groove of things. So here is an ‘About Me’ profile! I made one of these a few months ago when I first started posting but a lot has changed since then. I’ve become much better at articulating my thoughts, so I wanted to go further than just bullet points. If you want to read my first ‘About Me’, you can find it below. Don’t worry, all of the things I wrote are still true!

Hello friends! ❤ My name is Sophie. I am 22 years old and I live in the great state of Maine. I have…