I Am Getting Rid of All My Belongings


Sophie Grace
Dear Reader: An Online Journal


Photo by Alexander Shustov on Unsplash

In the spirit of starting anew with the new year, I have decided that I want to purge my house of everything that no longer serves me, à la Marie Kondo. That just happens to be most of the things I own.

I have always been one to hoard a lot of things and then get rid of them all at once in a manic state. I get sucked into trends and sales and the cute stuff they put by the checkout that I add to my cart at the last second. And then I realize that my house is full of junk that I don’t use and it takes up space and my personality has since changed. It’s a vicious cycle.

I think I will always be a collector by nature. I just want to try to be more conscious about it this time around.

So I have already started going through it all. Clothing is usually my worst offense. I am putting what I can up for sale on my Depop, donating some, and throwing the rest out (whatever is unwearable). Next, I think I will tackle my knick knacks, then my kitchen cabinets, and finally everything I have thrown into my closet before shutting it and never opening it again.

It’s going to be quite the journey. But I am done with the cycle of overconsumption in 2024! Starting fresh.

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