Coming in From the Cold

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have begun our final approach into the RLB International Airport, and should be on the ground in twenty minutes. The weather in St Kitts is quite sunny, with a temperature of 96 degrees in the shade.”

I opened my eyes and sat up in my seat. Was happy to be home after spending some time in the UK, even if it meant enduring a ten hour flight to be home. I considered getting up to stretch my legs when the seatbelt light came on.

“Would you like an E/D card for St Kitts-Nevis?”

“No thanks”, I said, and the flight attendant smiled and moved on down the aisle. I buckled my seat belt and reached into my pocket for my phone. The app I opened asked for the flight number.

“Hmmm, BA 2157”, I said while typing it and my passport number into the phone. The flight information came up, along with my name and other information about me. I read it through to make sure everything was correct, then hit the button to save it.

“That was easy”, I thought as the phone went back into my pocket, and my head went back onto the pillow behind me. Maybe I can catch a few more winks of sleep before we land.

“Welcome to St Kitts” sign at RLB International

A few minutes later, I was thankful for both the feeling of the sun on my skin and that the building I was walking toward had AC. “WELCOME TO ST KITTS” the sign said to all. I looked around and took in the blue skies and green hillside; yes, it’s great to be home.

Once I got into the terminal, I headed for the counter near the start of the immigration lines. On it was a printer no bigger than a papaya, and a stack of E/D cards for those who needed them. I took my phone from my pocket and waved it over the printer; out came an E/D card with the information I had saved on the plane. As I signed the card I smiled, remembering that time a student said my signature “looks like a butterfly”.

With the freshly-printed E/D card tucked into my passport, I made my way into the immigration line for OECS & Caricom Nationals. It’s good to be home.