Song of Tears

Dear Tim,

Such a long bleary time since I have last written you, my sweet. Just yesterday I was playing my guitar and writing a song about my love of tears. As I wrote down the lyrics I could feel my heart race and my groin surge. Miraculously a string broke! A wonderful desire came over me. I threaded the guitar string through my urethra. The curved string broke through the wall of my member. Blood squirted and I screamed a sweet melody. The pain had struck a chord within me and I wished to continue my symphony of pleasure. I ripped off another guitar string and sharpened it. I began to floss and fiddle my asshole with the string as blood trickled out and rained down. I knew asphyxiation could only heighten this orchestra of euphoria. I wrapped the chord around my neck. I pulled the ends tight but alas Tim! I had forgotten that I had sharpened the string! It slit my jugular and blood shot out as if in sweet hallelujah. As I lost consciousness I came several times. A fitting ending to my final movement op. 27.

artwork by basper01

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