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Introducing Dear Black Friend

Conversations For Change

In May of 2020, after the unnecessary deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, we saw a dramatic change in the tone around the topics of systemic racism and police brutality. We finally seem to have reached a moment in time where everyone is listening and willing to have an open dialogue on how to solve this problem.

DearBlackFriend was started to enable the continuation of that dialogue so that this particular moment and hunger for change is not lost.

While the protests and outrage today prominently feature George Floyd, they are actually about the much large issue of systemic racism. The three names listed in the opening paragraph of this post are only the most recent in a long list of names of individuals who had their lives prematurely ended due to an underlying issue of systemic racism that exists within the United States of America even in the 21st century.

There have been brief moments like this before, but this one feels different. The outrage now seems to extend far beyond the black community, and allies are reaching out to ask how they can help. This momentum must not be lost again in the next news cycle. We have hit a moment where real change seems to be in reach.

To keep the momentum going, this publication will produce content centered around the topic of systemic racism and how we can be agents of change. We seek to educate allies and provide the resources needed

Ask A Black Friend

One of the most important aspects of Dear Black Friend is the focus on keeping an active and open dialogue with our readers. We welcome respectful questions from our audience directed at our black authors that will inform future content production and hopefully provide constructive and educational feedback to our readers through our Ask A Black Friend Section

As we are just getting off the ground, today, you can send questions to We will curate and prioritize these and notify you when content is released in response to your questions.

Now is the time to make change happen, but it will not happen over night. It will happen with deliberate, ongoing, and open conversations about the issues we face.

Join us in the dialogue. Help us bring forth real change.



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