A letter to Bunny…

The following is a letter to Caleb’s bunny that I’ve republished here from Jane’s FB post. This morning he said it was time to leave him at home, after all he’s “four, you know”.

Bunny, you’ve been with us from day one…

You’ve been lost, and you’ve been found, too many times to count. We’ve driven distances to get you when you’ve been misplaced. Sometimes for days on end. You spent almost a year learning ABC’s & 123's in Caleb’s old school back in Cape Town, and you’ve even spent some time in a medievil restaurant. There was this one time that you nearly made your way back to Cape Town on a flight all on your own! Don’t worry though, we know; sometimes we miss it too.

There are times where you’ve been banished for not being his friend and you’ve taken so much “abuse”. You’ve been a “punching bag” for many a tantrum and acts of frustration.

You’ve been pee’d on and pooped on, and buried in the mud. Your ears have been twisted and pulled, and you’ve been chewed by the puppy. You’ve been thrown around, and thrown over the wall, trodden on and you’ve even been run over by the car.

You’ve been his best buddy and his enemy, and you’ve been the good guy and the baddy in many a game.

You’ve been cried on, and cried into, and your ears have helped wipe his tear-filled eyes.

You’ve been cuddled to death. Smothered with kisses. A treasured object of affection and comfort.

You’ve been a cellphone charger and a superhero coat.

You’ve also be on many great ‘Rode-trips’ with us and some wild, wild adventures — You’ve seen it all. If only bunnies could talk…

Today you start a new journey. But don’t worry, you’ll never be forgotten. You’ve been a big part of all of our lives. You’re family.

Bye bye bunny. Thank you for being there through the drama and happiness. It’s time to put you in the special memory box, though I am sure we’ll pull you out for a cuddle or two, or a night in his bed.

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