Green Pleasure…What The Hell Is It?!

The final post in this week’s series On Greening is our “green pleasure” edition. We saved the best for last, obviously. Missed out on reading about Clean Beauty , Clean Home or Green Weeds. It’s not too late.

What does it even mean to have green sex? (No Kermit the Frog jokes, please.) We are referring to eco-friendly sexual practices regarding products used. As with most industries where there is a growing interest in going green, there are two important components.

The first is that the products are made of materials that are safe for you and your body. The second is that that they contribute as little waste as possible. In this case, that means you want your sex toys to be as safe for your body as it is for the planet.

You should always be careful when it comes to what (or who, in this case) you put into your body. The latest wave of new apps and direct-to-consumer companies is focused on women’s pleasure. That’s right. The latest industry disruption is happening in between your sheets, and it’s about time, if you ask us. Getting down and dirty has never been quite so clean.

When you’re purchasing a new toy, you definitely want to look out for phthalates. This class of compounds are often added to sex toys to increase their flexibility and durability, but they’ve been banned in baby and beauty products because of its toxicity. Ooof. It also renders your toys a damn biohazard, so be sure to recycle them safely when you upgrade to a more eco-friendly option.

Did someone say eco-friendly vibrators? Because we rounded up the safest options out there. It doesn’t get more eco-friendly than biodegradable, and the Gaia is the world’s first biodegradable vibrator. It’s also priced at very accessible $15, which is a win for the world and our wallets. This Solar Bullet vibrator is exactly what it sounds like — a vibrator that soaks up the sun’s ray and converts it into energy explicitly for your pleasure. And then there are the most eco-friendly toys of them all: the ones made out of wood and glass, respectively. NobEssence makes ones that are so pretty, they look like something you could find at a museum gift store.

Another thing to be aware of? Lubricant. A lot of all-natural or organic lubes are made with certain kinds of food products, so be sure you or your partner (lucky them!) are not allergic to any of the listed ingredients. An allergic reaction is a guaranteed mood-killer. Sustain Natural makes an excellent non-silicone lube that gets the job done. Good Clean Love, a female-founded brand focused on female health, makes a great lube as well. Of course, there’s no need to get fancy. Coconut oil, the hardest-working product in natural beauty, will work too (*but do check with doctor to make sure this is safe for YOU before using it.)

Finally, although condoms are the least sexy part of sex, there’s nothing more important than safe sex. All condoms are single-use but the net positive of practicing safe sex is more than worth it. Brands like Glyde are certified ethical, vegan, and fair-trade. Plus, their condoms have no glycerin, paraben, talc, or other tricky chemicals. Sustain Condoms are non-GMO, vegan, fair trade, and made from natural latex.

And because sometimes you need to dress the part, skip Victoria’s Secret and try a sustainable underwear brand instead. Boody makes breathable, comfortable underwear and bras using organic bamboo at an affordable price point, plus additional lines for men and children. Companies like Tomboyx and Cuup are radically size-inclusive and gender-inclusive.

So what are you waiting for?

Go forth, and get sexy. You deserve it.

WANT MORE? And remember, if your goal is to holistically live more GREEN, do take our Clean Beauty #101 Masterclass taught by green beauty expert + founder of the Sacred Beauty Movement, Rebecca Casciano. This class is chock full of valuable content in under 1-hour . It will change your entire beauty routine. #Boom.

**Written by Brianna Porter for Dear Grown Ass Women™



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