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Have you just decided to use Flipbooks over flat PDFs? You are on the right track! The best Joomla Flipbook Extension for your beautiful Joomla website is desperately waiting to help you create stunning 3D flipbooks in your Joomla website. With tons of customizing options, multiple view modes, and a control bar with options like download, share, print, and many more. Almost everything you’ll ever need to create visually appealing flipping books for your Joomla websites.

Get Dearflip, a professional Joomla Flipbook Extension

When you run a website, images, and pdf files are the most common content you post. It is easy to embed images in Joomla articles but embedding PDFs can be tricky. There are already many slideshow extensions and plugins available to showcase the images. However, when it comes to embedding PDF files, there are hustle and bustle. And we had to wonder what if we could showcase the PDF files just like those images? What about transforming them into a real-world book-like structure, a Flipping book? Dearflip, a professional Joomla Flipbook Extension, launched 2 years ago to bring life into your PDF for both Joomla 3x and Joomla 4x. And now for Joomla 5x as well!!

How to create a 3D Flipbook using Dearflip Joomla Flipbook Extension?

We all know that PDF files are content-rich. Unfortunately, Joomla lets you embed the PDF files, only through a clickable link. Be a direct path to the pdf file or a third-party link, such as a Google Drive. It means your 50 pages are displayed as a single-line link. And a link is not that effective when you want to attract more visitors to read your content. Here comes the role of the Joomla Flipbook extension.

Download Dearflip Joomla FlipBook Extension!

Have you ever seen a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly? The same happens to your PDF files. Dearflip can transform your traditional & dull-looking PDF files into eye-catching realistic 3D Flipbooks. Additionally, this Joomla Flipbook extension can replace a slider plugin too. This is because it can create a flipbook out of your images as well.

👉 Why not other Joomla Flipbook Extensions?

👉 Why use Dearflip?

👉 What do users say about Dearflip Joomla Flipbook Extension?

👉 How to create a 3D flipbook in Joomla using the professional Joomla Flipbook extension, Dearflip?

Why not other Joomla Flipbook Extensions?

There are many Joomla flipbook extensions available in the Joomla Extension Directory. Sadly, most of them are not appropriate to use. Some of them have not been updated for the last 6/7 years. Some have got bad reviews from their users. Moreover, it is disappointing that some are just fraudulent imitations of other popular plugins in another platform like WordPress. And we suggest you be aware of such counterfeits.

Update: Some counterfeits are already banned from the Joomla extension directory for copy-right violation, as they were copied from the Dearflip Joomla flipbook extension.

Joomla flipbook extension not updated since last 7 years
This Joomla flipbook extension have had no updates for the last 7 years
extensions getting bad reviews
Flipbook extensions getting bad reviews.
flipping book module copied the code from dflip (dearflip)
The flipping book module copied the code from dflip (dearflip).

Besides this, there are more valid reasons for suggesting you Dearflip Joomla flipbook extension.

Why use Dearflip?

1. Wordpress’s popular flipbook is now available for Joomla!

Dearflip was first created to embed PDF files in WordPress. After the huge success of Dearflip in WordPress CMS, developers decided to create it for Joomla CMS as well. The lite version has 60000+ active installations and has a 5star rating on

Whereas, the professional version of Dearflip has already served over 8000 premium customers. Similarly, Dearflip is also available as a jquery plugin as well as a chrome extension. Thus, we can confidently say that Dearflip is going to rock the Joomla CMS as well.

2. Component-Based Joomla Flipbook Extension

You can find many other flipbook extensions in the market that can embed pdf files. But most of them are module-based. Using them, you will create a module for each new flipbook and your flipbooks will play hide and seek among all other modules. You can find them by searching but it’s tough to remember the names of each flipbook all the time right?

Meanwhile, Dearflip contains a component and a plugin. The component is the only one you’ll use to create and display Joomla 3D flipbooks. In this component-based extension, you’ll get a separate section to create, edit, delete & manage your flipbooks in a well-organized manner. But if you really need a module, then you can create a custom module flipbook as well using the same extension, Dearflip.

3. Optimized, Responsive and feature-rich

Dearflip lets you customize your Joomla Flipbook’s layouts, view modes, as well as outline options from the admin panel. Creating, editing, and deleting a flipbook is as easier as you do for Joomla articles. Similarly, You can create categories and display flipbooks in a categorized manner. This Joomla flipbook extension helps you replace flat, boring pdfs with exciting 3D flipbooks.

Dearflip uses WebGL 3D technology to create flipbooks that can surely attract the readers of your content. Moreover, You can create a modern 3D catalog from a list of images, showcase a portfolio, give your readers the real feel of reading books and magazines, and what not? Dearflip creates flipbooks that are responsive and optimized as well. Saying that it displays Joomla flipbooks beautifully on both PCs and Mobile devices.

What do users say about Dearflip Joomla Flipbook Extension?

The most functional PDF Flipbook under Joomla

Lionel (6).
Posted on January 28, 2022
Functionality ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Having tried several, I find that the display choice options are very well thought out from the component
Ease of use ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The component is very intuitive, it is easy to learn.
Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Following a slight misunderstanding on my part, Aarati intervened and knew how to guide me quickly.
The essentials can be found on their website, there are very detailed recommendations.
Very resonable in terms of functionality. Here we have to a component that manages flipbooks

How to create a 3D flipbook in Joomla using the professional Joomla Flipbook extension, Dearflip?

  1. Go to admin panel → Media
  2. Upload a PDF File to your Joomla site and copy its path (for example images/file_name.pdf )
  3. Install the Dearflip Joomla flipbook extension, if you have not yet.
  4. After successful installation, go to Component → Dearflip
  5. Click on Add New Book
  6. Enter the title
  7. Choose the book source type as PDF as we are creating a PDF Flipbook.
  8. On the ‘PDF Source’ option, paste the path you copied in step 2, i.e the path to your PDF file.
  9. Now save the book.
  10. Copy the shortcode generated after saving the book. The shortcode looks like: {dearflip id=123}
  11. Finally, paste the shortcode either in your existing article or new article.
  12. View the article from the front-end, you’ll see your pdf file flipping amazingly.

Watch this video for more detail or check Dearflip’s official site for more detailed how-to tutorials.