5 Best WordPress Calendar Plugins 2021!

Aarati Parajuli
Dear WordPress
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3 min readApr 14, 2021


In today’s busy life, it is impossible to remember everything. When it comes to dates and events, we often forget and realize later. This is quite common, we can let it go if we just forgot someone’s birthday or festivals. But in corporate life, missing a meeting can cost you years of hard work & create a blunder in your whole career. Thus to assist you and your customers to remind important dates and events, one of these best WordPress calendar plugins can play a vital role.

EventON — WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

This highly customizable and flexible event booking plugin offers you elegant layout designs for your calendar and event tiles. You can color your calendar and event tiles according to your choice. Create any kind of events such as Marketing Meetings, Elearning Classes, Online Gym & Fitness schedules, and so on. Not limited to virtual meetings, this plugin can create & customize any kind of physical meeting remainders as well.

This plugin displays real-time information about live events including an event’s starting time, ending time, and time left. You can post images, title, description, location, time, and much more about an event and your users will get notified through the calendar notification. Create an event gallery to engage your audiences. EventOn can delete completed events & load upcoming events automatically. You can even set repeating events in terms of yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, or any custom schedule.

This plugin has seamless integration with google maps as a result your audiences can search for the location and navigate directions. Similarly, users can add events to their google calendar through this plugin. This plugin is loved by 52000+ people globally. You can also give it a try. Read more…

Bookly PRO — Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System

Serving since 2014, this plugin is used by 36000+ customers with a 4.5 star rated by 1000+ users. The reason this plugin is so popular is it offers free integration with Zoom online meetings and helps you integrate auto-generated meeting links to your event and appointment details. This plugin can also integrate with Zapier, Zapier is an online automation tool that connects essential tools with apps or websites in order to automate the flow to data. Thus with the bookly plugin, you can connect to apps you use in your daily life such as Gmail, Dropbox, Slack, and 3000+ apps.

Booked — Appointment Booking for WordPress

This plugin is best for paid events and appointments as it supports payments with Woocommerce. Your site can have unlimited calendars and unlimited agents. Each agent will have their own profile to manage their appointments with their own time slots. Guest booking option is also available as a result users can book events and appointments directly without going through the registration process.