5 Best WordPress File Upload Plugins!

Aarati Parajuli
Dear WordPress
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4 min readApr 17, 2021


WordPress is a content management system. Content may not only be text-based posts and pages but sometimes images, files, and folders too. There is much less provided about file and folder uploading in WordPress by default. Along with that, WordPress doesn’t support file uploading for users. However, there are various plugins available in the market that can make your work done.

Uploading files for users other than website managers can only be possible by the use of a WordPress file upload plugin. We don’t have any alternative other than to use a plugin. However, we can make a choice on which plugin to use.

Here we discuss the best 5 WordPress File Upload Plugins that are comparatively better than other file upload plugins out there.

Now let’s see each of the best file upload plugins one by one, their features, price (if premium), and customer review.

1. WP Media file manager

We choose the WP Media File Manager as one of the best file uploader plugins because it has a bunch of unique features like the Drag’N’Drop interface, shortcuts to files, available file types, 3rd party compatibility, and so on.

Using the Drag’N’Drop interface of this WordPress file upload plugin you can organize files and folders easily and effectively. Similarly, it is easier to move files one by one or by enabling the “ Bluk Select” mode to select multiple items and move, copy or delete them at once.

Beyond the boundary that WordPress has made by limiting the types of files to upload, you can now manage the list of supported file types to upload on your site manually. Meanwhile, this file upload plugin supports you to upload nested folders in the same hierarchy.

You must give a try to WP Media File Manager because it gives a 100% money-back guarantee in incase you disliked it for some reason.


2. Ajax Multi Upload for WordPress:

Ajax Multi Upload for WordPress is a file upload plugin powered by Ajax. You can upload single or multiple files at once using this plugin. Image resizing, creating image thumbnails as well as applying custom filters are the key features of the Ajax Multi Upload plugin.

You can integrate this file upload plugin with forms to allow your users to upload necessary files to the site. Moreover, you can limit the size and number of files to upload.

The seller guarantees fast and friendly support as well as free lifetime updates. Customers also like the easy implementation and proper documentation of this plugin.


3. Real Uploader for WordPress

The Real uploader for WordPress is another candidate for your choice. This plugin is for uploading files with HTML5. Drag& drop upload, multifile upload, thumbnail generation are the key features of this plugin while there are some unique features too.

You can have a ‘lightbox like preview’ of images as well as upload progress information with this plugin. Real Uploader for WordPress can also integrate with the comment form so that commenters on your site can upload necessary files.

Moreover, you can customize the icon of file types and have a report panel for uploaded files. For more effective performance files can also be uploaded by chunks. Unfortunately, The plugin has no updates since 2016. Yet it is rated 4.48 out of 5 stars on Envato Market.


4. Frontend Uploader

The Frontend uploader plugin lets your users and visitors upload files on your site. Using the shortcode provided you can create forms and customize them well and use them wherever you want on your website.

It is safe to use this plugin for frontend file uploading because it doesn’t directly upload the file unless approved by the site manager. Because safety comes first, this is a remarkable feature. You can modify the forms submitted by users as well.

Frontend Uploader is a powerful file upload plugin that can be integrated into the posts, pages, and custom post type. Unfortunately, the form cannot be customized visually. But shortcode parameters are written clearly in the documentation, you can read it to take the full advantages of available features.


5. WordPress File Upload:

This plugin offers easy file upload with unique features like capturing screenshots or recording videos and uploading them to your site. By simply pasting a shortcode [wordpress_file_upload] to your page or posts or sidebars as well you are good to go.