5 Best WordPress Media Manager Plugins!

Aarati Parajuli
Dear WordPress
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4 min readApr 13, 2021


When you have a business site or a site with larger media files, the default WordPress media manager becomes not enough. To organize the images and videos in folders and categories you need an external plugin that handles the management part. Today we are going to list such plugins that you can trust and use as media managers on your website. So here are the best 5 WordPress Media Manager Plugins from which you can choose one for managing your files in WordPress.

1.WordPress Real Media Library — Media Categories / Folders File Manager

Either it is to manage the file in the nicest way or to find an interactive drag and drop UI for management, WordPress Real Media Library always comes first among the bunches of WordPress media manager plugins in WordPress. It is one of the most popular WordPress media manager plugins in WordPress. This plugin doesn’t leave any coin unturned when it comes to manages your large and messy WordPress media library.

With the help of the WordPress Real Media Library plugin, you can easily manage thousands of images in folders and categories. Moreover, you can filter the media when inserting it. It is the most wanted media manager WordPress Plugin. Similarly, you can create shortcuts for your files. Isn’t this awesome?

You can upload a file directly to the folder and you have full control of your folders as well. Customizing your galleries by reordering the images is so easy and fun to do with this plugin.

2. WP Media File Manager — WordPress Media Library Folders/Categories Upload Plugin

There are few plugins that deserve to be in this list and WP Media File Manager has already booked its place. Due to unique features like shortcuts to files, available file types, 3rd party compatibility, this plugin becomes popular in the WordPress world. Meanwhile, you’ll love the Drag’N’Drop interface provided by this plugin.

It is easy and effective to manage files into folders and categories using this media file manager plugin. Along with that you can move and trash multiple items at one time by enabling ‘Bulk Select’ mode.

WordPress has already set the file type limit to upload to any site but using this plugin you can manage the list of supported file types as well. Isn’t that great? This plugin even helps you out to maintain the same hierarchy of the nested folders you will upload.

It is totally free to try this plugin as the seller offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

3. FileBird — WordPress Media Library Folders

With 10000+ happy customers and with 4.92 stars rating on Codecanyon, FileBird comes in the list of the best 5 media file manager plugins. Its friendly user interface and ability to manage thousands of files in WordPress make this plugin the best out of the best.

By just installing this media manager plugin you can be trouble-free and start uploading your files. Similarly, you don’t need to worry about its compatibility because it is compatible with almost all popular plugins like WooCommerce, Visual Composer, Polylang, Elementor, and more. This plugin offers Easy ‘Drag and Drop’, a resizeable sidebar, smart context menu, and much more.

You must try it by yourself to explore more about its features and effectiveness. So download now and be the first to lead your site to another level of perfection.

4. WordPress Real Physical Media: Physical Media Folders & SEO Rewrites

WordPress Real Physical Media lies among the best 5 WordPress media manager plugins because of its special SEO rewriting feature. More like others, this plugin uploads file to physical folders and restructures uploads. You can even set the queue for a reliable moving of files. In this competitive web world, Content is the king and SEO is its power. Particularly with WordPress Real Physical Media, you can maintain SEO-optimized file paths. You can also redirect the old file paths for SEO. Moreover, files are allowed to have extra long paths and it is still made SEO friendly.

It is effortless to manage the huge numbers of files with this single plugin. You can reorder the existing files. Similarly, rename the names by their titles.

WordPress Real Physical Media is loved by over 15000 customers and has 5 out of 5-star rating in Envato Plugin Market. It is a must-have WordPress media manager plugin and a perfect companion to wp real media.

5. Enhanced Media Library

Enhanced Media Library provides various media categories for both new and existing media items. You can filter media items in wp-admin. Similarly, it also provides file order options. You can display an image gallery and audio/video playlist on your site using filter-based shortcodes. This plugin is fully compatible with WordPress native shortcodes and also is multisite compatible. You can export and import files as well as translate the language. Enhanced Media Library provides free support for its customers.