WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder and Its Alternatives!

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Are you selling products or services online? You need a Cost Estimation and Payment form builder to provide a reliable shopping experience for your customers. And if your business site is in WordPress, WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder and its alternatives are plugins you must know about.

‘Go digital’ is on trending nowadays!’


Because the share of people engaging online is at the peak like never before. Rather than going shop to shop, modern people love more to scroll their smartphones. Therefore, if you have an online store of whatever you sell, try adding one of these plugins to your site. It seems responsible and trustworthy when an online store has a professional form targeted for payment only. And to have a cost estimation form builder is to have a gem to attract customers. It shows you are focused, direct, and clear on the cost of the product or services you are selling. Additionally, it shows you value your customer and their time & money. As a result, your customers won’t fear being defrauded in any way.

WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder

When you have an internet business in WordPress, you must be selling some goods or services. There you need to provide an option to estimate costs and a payment method as well. Therefore, WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder is the idea behind how a complicated cost form has been simple & easy to make. With WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder you can build responsive forms within just a few minutes.

In addition to that, you can make PayPal and Stripe payments as well as subscriptions. WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder can be used worldwide for selling anything in any currency. You get several options and amazing features to customize your form.

Creating your own optimized & responsive cost calculator is almost effortless. Similarly, designing a payment form has never been this quick and reliable before. WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder is the most intuitive conditional system. The cost estimation plugin allows your customers to quickly get an estimation price for their choice of products or services. And this payment form builder plugin provides them an interactive form to make their order & payment with ease. All you need to do is just download the plugin, install and activate it on your site, and the rest is shown in the video below.

Wp cost estimation and form builder plugin for WordPress

WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder has the most incredible back-end where you can discover the most advanced Form Builder UI. It is the best cost estimation and payment form builder plugin for WordPress with a 4.85-star rating from 900+ users & 19000+ premium sales. WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder has become successful to satisfy thousands of users with their prompt support and continuous updates.

Key Features:

  • Multiple form management
  • Freely manage your forms, steps, and items
  • Powerful calculation system
  • A powerful form of the designer tool
  • Unique and smartly designed backend

More Features of WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder WordPress Plugin:

  • Can make both PayPal and stripe payments & subscriptions
  • WooCommerce support
  • Easy digital download support (In other words, an item can be added to cart)
  • The customized Confirmation email can be to customers
  • Easily use any Google Font in your forms
  • Order can be stored, edited, exported as .csv as well as sent as .pdf by email directly from the backend.
  • Tons of options to customize your forms
  • Fully responsive
  • And much more!

Reviews from customers:

The plugin is brilliant. Everything you imagine can be done. You can see that this software is mad with a lot of knowledge and understanding. The support is extraordinair : super fast, very informative and helpfull. Sometime within a few minutes an answer.No doubts, I will use this for a very long time!! VideoLogic

I have tried many kinds of support, both good and bad. But the support from Loopus has been quite outstanding. If I had been able to give more than five stars I would have done so. Thank you for good service and support. PeterHK

You really can customize this to what you’re wanting it to do. If you have any questions the support so far has been excellent! dmillersg77

Alternatives of WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder

1. Contact Form 7 Cost calculator

wordpress form builder plugin

Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress adds the cost calculating and form building functionality to your website. You can calculate and create quotes or prices for any kind of product and service. Not limited to the price, this plugin can calculate ideal weight, calories, and dates as well. Whether you use it for hotel booking websites, car renting websites, loan & finance websites, or a pregnancy date calculating purpose, it does its work perfectly for any kind of calculations.

Key Features of Contact Form 7

  1. Drop Down and Checkbox Price
  2. Multiple calculations
  3. Multiple Total Field
  4. Easy to use and effortless to setup
  5. Customize the calculator according to your needs.

2. Zigaform — WordPress Calculator & Cost Estimation Form Builder:

form builder plugin wordpress

Create a professional contact form, survey form, donation form, order form, opt-in forms, event registration form, or any sort of form effortlessly by yourself with Zigaform. Zigaform — WordPress Form Builder is a form creator that offers a simple yet powerful drag and drops interface. It is easy to use, flexible as well as gracefully customizable. With tons of features like CAPTCHA & Recaptcha, it ensures the website doesn’t get spammed. Similarly, offering Ajax-powered submitting, guarantees a desirable user experience. Zigaform is an optimum form builder plugin that assists you to create responsive as well as interactive forms within a few clicks.

Moreover, it provides lots of form elements, form options, skin customizers as well as supports database querying. Use it with zero knowledge of coding. It is as simple as creating a form by dragging & dropping and displaying it in any posts, widgets, or sidebar. Similarly, an administration section is provided only for admins to customize the forms. Either beginner or professionals, with this form builder plugin anyone can create simple to complex, elegant yet professional forms for payment and cost estimation.

3. Cost Calculator WordPress

cost estimation plugin for WordPress

This plugin is another best-selling cost calculator plugin as it is already used by 7000+ WordPress sites. Cost Calculator WordPress is a simple and elegant plugin with a user-friendly interface. This plugin is compatible with popular plugins such as WP Bakery, Elementor, and Gutenberg as well. Similarly, this plugin can estimate and calculate the prices of both products and services. In addition to that, you can even integrate the PayPal payment gateway to your site.