She looked up at the sky and wondered about the puffs in the distance above. While she pondered, she opened her large mouth and yawned. Some drool dropped on her and she locked it back inside her mouth.

She blinked her large light brown eyes and stared at the large puffs again watched them pass by slowly. She lay in the moderately wet grass and felt Jitins head on her back. She was a little uncomfortable but she didn’t want to move.

Jitin was reading out a book to her for the last hour. She didn’t understand one word in his British-Chennai accent. She was too American to understand it. Jitin moved away and she looked at him from the corner of her eye taking out a snack for her.

“Here, girl! You must be hungry. Do you want some water?”

She just took the snack in her mouth and went back to staring at other things in the park.

“Wow! You are awfully quiet today. I hope you’re alright. May be I’ll take you to see Dr. Munmun tomorrow. You’re always better after seeing her.”

He put his hand gently on her head and massaged it affectionately. But, no response was given in return. She lay still looking up at the sky.

“Rubie! I am really worried about you.” He said while taking his phone out. He kissed her on her head and got up as he dialed.

“Hi! Yes, I wanted to make an appointment for my Labrador. (his voice faded as the largest tree in the park). Her name is Rubie…Yeah and…”

Rubie, meanwhile, looked at the children in front of her. They were making paper planes and trying to throw them towards her. She wanted to jump around them and catch them in her mouth. She was thinking about chewing one of them too. Suddenly, one of them hit her on her head and she sprang up in a ready position. Jitin ran towards her and hugged her. Rubie realized it was just the kids there was nothing of a threat around.

She sat back down and put her head on her arm. Jitin looked at her and went back to reading but this time only in silence. Rubie fell asleep and began dreaming.

She saw Butch, the next door dog, chasing her in the rain. She felt scared and happy at the same time. She saw Jitin driving the car and Mini sitting next to him. They were going for the annual food festival in the village and Rubie was sitting in Minis lap.

She put her head out of the car window and felt the breeze on her face when a dark empty space engulfed her into darkness. She instantly woke up only to see some children standing in front of her. Rubie felt the child’s hand on her neck, trying to caress it but it hurt Rubie so she got up in a swift movement.

Rubie started walking towards the children and they all ran hither tither. She felt kind of powerful and smiled a little from behind her whiskers. She walked around near the small lake and turned back towards Jitin a few minutes later.
Jitin was asleep lying down on his left side and a paper plane was lying next to him. Rubie saw the plane and thought of Mini. Mini used to sleep next to Jitin. She would wake up in the middle of the night and give Rubie water and a midnight snack.

Rubie missed Mini. Rubie felt a drop of tear fall down leaving the fur on her face wet. She sat down next to Jitin and the plane. She put her head on his back and wondered why Mini wasn’t there.

She couldn’t comprehend why Mini was not there for the walks anymore or why she didn’t bathe her anymore? Did Rubie talk too much? Was Mini punishing her? Why does Jitin not talk in a language she can understand?

Rubie thought about how she managed to train him to give her food and water when she wanted it. She chuckled at the thought of how she taught him to take her out to do her business and by the exact tree she wanted. But, she missed Mini. She felt life was cruel. Mini was a beautiful person and she should have been here. Rubie loved Mini. Her chain of thought was broken when Jitins phone rang. He got up fast and picked up his phone.

“Hello? Oh. Hey! Mark.”

Rubie stared in hope that may be Mini was coming back.

“No! No! No, man.” It didn’t work out with Mini…yeah! turns out she was stealing money from my wallet and kind of has that shop lifter thing going on…forgot what’s that syndrome called…..Yeah! Real messed up.”

Rubie waited in hope that Jitin will turn to her and announce Mini’s return.
“Haha! You said it. Anyway, I’ve got a date right now in the park and I think I see her. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.”

Rubie watched Jitin get up, she turned her head towards the direction he walked in and sprang up to run towards Mini when she saw her. Jitin hugged the girl and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “How are you? Okay, Katie meet Rubie. She’s the surprise I wanted you to meet.”

Rubie stared at the person who was not Mini and sat down on her hind legs staring. In an instant, Katie stepped back and said, “oh! uhm. I wish you’d told me Jay. The thing is…I am actually allergic to dogs. Sorry. I don’t think I can stay here too long.

Rubie realized this wasn’t Mini and may be she wasn’t coming. She licked her paw and put her head down on her arm. She closed her eyes and began dreaming again.

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