Podcasts We‘re Thankful For

A Thanksgiving playlist from Death, Sex & Money and our friends at Another Round, Song Exploder, Dirty John, Embedded, Nancy, Longform, Reply All, Call Your Girlfriend, Snap Judgment/Heaven’s Gate, Criminal, Beautiful/Anonymous, The Butterfly Effect, Reveal and Savage Lovecast

There are so many podcasts that we’re grateful for on team Death, Sex & Money. Every week in our newsletter, we tell our listeners about a few of our favorite recent listens.

But when it came time to make a podcast playlist for our upcoming Thanksgiving travels, we decided to turn to the experts — the hosts of some of the podcasts that we love. Podcast heroes like Tracy Clayton from Another Round, PJ Vogt from Reply All, Ann Friedman from Call Your Girlfriend and Glynn Washington from Heaven’s Gate — along with lots of others — all weighed in.

Scroll through their picks below! And find the full playlist on the RadioPublic app here.

Death, Sex & Money host Anna Sale’s pick:

Uncivil: The Raid

“There are a lot of reasons I am really excited about this new show — how it deepens my understanding of our current political moment, how the hosts play off each other to make history feel personal, accessible, and hip, how Harriet Tubman shows up unexpectedly — but what I really love about this particular episode is the sense of place it gave me. As I listened, I could see all of this playing out on American land, land that’s still right here, not so long ago.”

Another Round co-host Tracy Clayton’s pick:

RedHanded: Episode 19, Halloween Special Part 1

“The Halloween episode begins with one of the worst, most riveting and unbelievable stories I’ve ever heard. So that’s my pick! Hope I don’t ruin this playlist for everybody!”

Another Round producer Eleanor Kagan’s pick:

(Danie Drankwalter for WNYC Studios)

Nancy: Episode 13, It’s Really You

“My pick is the episode of Nancy where the young person from Unalaska, AK gets drag queen tips from [former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant] Alaska! It makes me so, so happy.”

Embedded host Kelly McEvers’ pick:

(Mitch Boyer)

More Perfect: American Pendulum I and II

“So good.”

Reveal host Al Letson’s pick:

Rough Translation: The Congo We Listen To

Song Exploder host Hrishikesh Hirway’s pick:

The Memory Palace: The Year Hank Greenberg Hit 58 Home Runs

Call Your Girlfriend co-host Ann Friedman’s pick:

Never Before With Janet Mock: Kris Jenner

“It changed how I thought about the Kardashians.”

Dirty John host Christopher Goffard’s pick:

Heavyweight: Season 1, Episode 1: Buzz

“I found it very moving.”

Nancy co-host Tobin Low’s pick:

The Nod: Whole Hog

Nancy co-host Kathy Tu’s pick:

Code Switch: A Letter From Young Asian Americans, To Their Parents, About Black Lives Matter

Snap Judgment and Heaven’s Gate host Glynn Washington’s pick:

Snap Judgment: Kismet

Beautiful/Anonymous host Chris Gethard’s pick:

Criminal: Ex Libris

“I think it’s so good.”

Longform co-host Max Linsky’s pick:

Stoner: Episode 09, Francis Starlite from Francis and the Lights

Reply All co-host PJ Vogt’s pick:

(“Visiting Room” by Earlonne Woods)

Ear Hustle: Episode 06, The Boom Boom Room

The Butterfly Effect host Jon Ronson’s pick:

The Adam Buxton Podcast: Episodes 13 and 14, Bowiewallow

Criminal host Phoebe Judge’s pick:

How To Do Everything: Episode 221, Thanksgiving Dinner

“It’s very on topic!”

Savage Lovecast host Dan Savage’s pick:

Savage Lovecast: Episode 576, The Weed Episode

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Happy travels, and happy Thanksgiving! — Team DSM