In the busy world that we call home we never slow down enough to stop, think, and to listen to the world. We are always caught in a web of entagled life that never seems to stop. Some of us are afraid of the sound that we call silence. They are afraid of being bombarded with their armada of thoughts, memories, and ghosts. Some people don’t like being alone, so they make themselves surrounded by friends and family, but they never come to know the bright, loud, calming side of silnce.

Silence is such a beautiful thing that we take for granted. It is the thing that is constant if there is nothing to interupt it. It will always be there, it is just up to you to stop and listen. Somepeople relish in the dark and thrive in silence, it’s their places of peace and realxation. These people aren’t strange, they just enjoy a diffrent kind of prestine peace. A more traditional peace. In silence you can learn so much about yourself, and about others. If you are conversationally silent, then you usually learn more than you speak. Having this kind of silence is a beautiful way to call yourself a listener.

We are often afraid of silence because we are oblivious to what it holds. Even though we are told to control our thoughts; that can be a monumentous task! It is hard to stop the process of spontaneous thought, thinking logically, it is imposible. We should not be told to control our thoughts, that is taking our free will away, so let the silence be your time to build your charecter. Let your silence be a learning expererince of your self. You will learn a lot about yourself in just twenty minute, if you pay attention and put forth the effort. So, therefore, do not be afraid of silence.

Silence is like a blank canvass in your head. It can be whatever you want it to be, weather horror night-mare show, or a scene of self-reflection. Using your silence for self-improvement and building your self-confidence is a wise use of the time. It is all up to you weather you choose to be scared or enlightened by these quite moments, the physical silence. Physical silence is when there isn’t any sound that can cause irritation, or distraction. This is a time when your own voice becomes the voice in your head, and it speaks loudly and clearly. These moments are when you need to focus your mental energy in way that can benefit yourself and the people around you. People say that God doesn’t talk to them, He does, it’s just up to you to listen!

-I hope this post has inspired you.

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