DTS PROPAGANDA 001 // Product or Service?

This is and email sent out to the internal team at Death to Stock, but it’s been made public for those who are curious to follow our ideas and culture. You can sign up by email here → http://eepurl.com/b07TwT

Shot by Ray Kang for Death to the Stock Photo.

I’ve been thinking about whether we are a product or a service?

It may seem like a simple question to answer, but I’ve only recently come to a conclusion. We’re a service.

Here’s why: People are paying for the ongoing experience of hearing from Death to Stock.

A product is one that is perfected, scoped, and set on it’s launch date: it’s a kickstarter, a t-shirt, or anything where you’ve got one shot to launch and the rest is fulfillment and marketing.

A service is the model of podcasts, cloud services, and the shared-economies. They are ever changing, continually improved, and their customers returning with frequency.

When you STOP the frequency (and quality) of your deliverable, you lose a customer. Which brings me to thinking about friction.

Friction is where you can create value. Friction is the paywall, advertising, or anything that can be removed, at a cost.

For another example: the friction may be that people don’t want to store the photos and organize them on their own, which we house for them within the premium plan.

So what can we do? We initiate/remove friction. And we increase frequency (as long as we continue with quality.) When someone creates an account with us, they’re paying for increased frequency of our product. And that means it’s a commitment to continual quality and delivery.

But does our culture and structure support this? How are we creating a culture that promotes the fulfillment of the service we provide, and what process/structure changes might be needed to aim and hit that target?

This is what’s exciting to me, the ability to create an environment in which we’re able to continually produce our service.

Here’s an email I sent out to Grant (Creative Director)

I want to tell you all about filters, but we can wait until another time.

For now, here’s the filter I made from this thought:

The email list is a commitment to shipping media, art and inspiration that is remarkable, connected, and new.

“Technology is the story of the last fifteen years, the story of the next fifteen is the art. We’ve got all the tools. Have you got something to say? — Bob Lefsetz”

- DS

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