Prompt #15: your last 24 hours, reviewed Yelp-style

For all the eye-rolling we do about Yelp around here, it can be a useful tool.

Loved your cappuccino with the panda bear design? Post your pic and praise so people come from all over to meet the artsy barista.

Used to love that restaurant, but had to wait 2 hours for your entree this time? Unleash your fury for all to see.

Dig a new music venue’s sound system? Spread the word with those sweet, sweet 5 stars.

But what if… you could give reviews for the day-to-day things that happened in your life?

That text conversation with your best friend? 3 stars. (You could have sworn she’d die laughing at that sloth GIF, but she only replied with a lame courtesy “lol”.)

Got your emails answered, cooked breakfast, and finished laundry before noon? 5 stars, and an extra note about how well eggs go with sun dried tomatoes.

Traffic crappy? 0 stars and a message to locals to STAY OFF THE FREEWAY.

So, for today’s prompt, we want you to “Yelp” something that happened to you in the past 24 hours.

It can be exciting, funny, fascinating, or totally banal. But it has to have happened in the last day.

Each response should include 3 elements:

  1. Review title (“I am the efficiency master. Also: eggs are delicious.”)
  2. Number of stars (0 stars being the worst, 5 stars being the best)
  3. An accompanying “review” blurb detailing your experience (tell us what happened, why it was great or why it sucked, and whether you’d do it again.)

Ready. Set. REVIEW!

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