Writers Prompt #11 — The night the sky went dark

You walk outside one night to see that every star has vanished. What happens next?

For today’s prompt we’re dabbling in the world of fiction. We’ve written the start of the story — it’s up to you to write what happens next.

You’re in your kitchen when you begin to hear voices out on the street.

The sound of them, getting gradually louder, reminds you of the low rumble of a sold-out theatre in the minutes before the lights go down. You can hear doors opening and closing as more of your neighbors join the growing crowds.

Curious, you step out into the cool night to join them in the light of the street lamps.

Every single face you see is tilted up at the cosmos.

The sky, normally peppered with the familiar shine of stars, planets, planes, and satellites… is pitch black.

It’s as if a great hand took a black paintbrush, and swept it back and forth until every molecule of heavenly light had vanished.

Perplexed, you continue to stare upwards, waiting, at any moment, for your eyes to adjust to the inky abyss.

But still: nothing.

Your heart begins to pound.

What happens next?

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