Most Disappointing Albums Halfway Through 2017

We’ve had some great albums from the top artists in the industry. Kendrick Lamar gave us DAMN!, Drake did things differently with the More Life playlist and Rick Ross use Rather You Than Me to keep the MMG ship afloat. The year in music up to this point has been extremely entertaining.

At the same time we’ve received some disappointing music from artists that usually deliver. Here at Debate the Music, we’ve compiled a list of the most underwhelming albums this year.

5. Lil Yatchy Teenage Emotions

You may not be a Lil Yatchy fan, but you can’t deny his support system. Mumble rap fans around the world were up in arms when Joe Budden claimed Yatchy wasn’t happy at all times. The album Teenage Emotions was a big let down. The cover itself was a big reach. Attempting to create diversity with the look seemed like a good idea but the execution was terrible. Teenage Emotions only sold 46,000 in it’s first week and reach #5 on the Billboard 200 chart. Yatchy explained that this album was for his real fans and even they didn’t enjoy it. It’s time to head back to the studio and put some work in.

4. J. Cole 4 Your Eyez Only

J. Cole is criticized for for his message and personal rap style. Those who dislike conscious rap definitely hate J Cole. Even with all the hate 4 Your Eyez Only did great on the charts. Selling 511k units in the first week and charting #1 on the Billboard 100, 4 Your Eyez Only is also certified platinum. If you judge by the numbers, this album can’t be considered a flop. But the bigger issue here is the message was missed. 4 Your Eyez Only is a story. Cole was speaking about a very close friend that passed away. The album in its entirety was speaking to his daughter. Everything was explained in the HBO documentary. Had Cole released this HBO special before his album, the response would have been drastically different.

3. Wale Shine

The MMG label has been fighting for dear life. Rick Ross is keeping the lights on with his most recent project Rather You Than Me. Wale hasn’t been pulling his weight. This most recent Shine album didn’t fair very well with fans or on the charts. Barely surpassing 25k in the first week, Wale was once stunted by his out of studio antics. During his visit to Complex and their web series Everyday Struggle Wale explained issues he’s had with management, labels and even media personalities. Fans on Twitter attack him so much because they know he’ll respond. Hopefully Wale can return to the studio and give fans nothing but bars. The different styles of music are great but fans know and love the Wale that gives us straight bars.

2. Bryson Tiller True to Self

I’m honestly not shocked with the results or quality of True to Self. Bryson Tiller is one of those artists that was rose to the top much too soon. He did create his own sound and has done good at staying in his lane. But True to Self couldn’t sound more like Trap Soul-without the standout hits. There isn’t a huge record like Don’t or Exchange. This album won’t age well. Most of the songs are easily forgetful. Even debuting at #1 on its first week, True to Self still didn’t give us enough.

1. Trey Songz Tremaine the Album

Trey Songz has garnered some attention recently due to his concert antics. He also released a series of videos for his music in a reality tv type of format. While it may have seemed entertaining, the buzz died off quickly. Tremaine the Album only has a few memorable songs. Moving 67k units in it’s first week, it’s clear to see that these sales were clearly generated due to his past accomplishments. As a fan of his work, I’m looking forward to hearing the real trey Songz.

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