Deblock Transparency Initiative

At Deblock, we believe that accountability and transparency are critical for a project, not only in its responsibility to its token holders, but also with regards to the likely success of a project.

We think that a lack of responsibility hurts the efficiency of a project, and we’re determined to work closely with projects that share these beliefs.

With the bear market of 2018, many projects felt heavy financial strains with almost a general 90% drop in treasury valuations. This filtered away several projects that never really intended to build.

If the market is to improve, it needs to start by regaining trust.

The community behind a project is the driving force behind every project, and ensuring the security of the community is necessary for trust.

Thus, we’re proud to announce our transparency initiative. We’re going to encourage transparency in the projects that we guide through this initiative as we believe this is the direction the market needs to move towards.

Projects will post quarterly reports of their finances that include expenditure, and also host monthly online community AMAs, which will involve discussions about the roadmap and community questions. If relevant, projects will also post transparency reports of their buyback schemes.

Webloc, ICON’s official advertising protocol, will be our first project to comply with our transparency initiative, beginning with a quarterly report in 2019 January, as well as an online community AMA with roadmap discussions.

Deblock will continue to push for transparency in the general crypto market.