deBridge Update — September 2022

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4 min readOct 3, 2022


We’re continuing to build out the deBridge ecosystem where we aim to deliver the best developer tooling and infrastructure for anyone to move to new ecosystems and build new types of cross-chain applications. Last month, we were busy working on different activities including taking part in ETHGlobal’s ETHOnline hackathon. Here’s an overview of our top highlights and latest progress.

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  • 🏆3 ETHOnline winners that have best utilized the deBridge cross-chain infrastructure. Congratulations to Mint Tea, doTransfer, and DeForex for their great results, and to everyone else that built with deBridge infrastructure during the hackathon
  • 👷deBridge Hardhat plugin has been released, makes building cross-chain apps safer, easier, and faster by providing a secure emulated environment for testing
  • 🛡Our Solana transaction parser has been audited by Halborn
  • 👨‍💻Node Guardians joins deBridge validator set
  • 🤝Wirex and Plato have integrated deSwap API to enable seamless cross-chain swaps between any assets in one transaction
  • ✅Users can now login to deApps via Unstoppable Domains


1 September 2022: Community Call #9

  • We updated the community on the latest updates and some of the expected progress in the near future on Discord and Twitter Spaces.

8 September 2022: AMA with Unstoppable Domains

  • Volodymyr Hlushchenko from Unstoppable Domains joins Alex Smirnov and Jonnie Emsley on our Twitter Space to discuss building towards Web2 UX in Web3.

15 September 2022: AMA with Rubic

  • Alex Smirnov participated in a Web3 panel with Rubic to discuss the topic of “ Cross-Chain Web3: The Future of dApps?”


We are looking for more great people to join us on our aim to continue developing a go-to generic messaging protocol and decentralized infrastructure that will securely and seamlessly connect blockchains, protocols, and applications. Here are some of the current open roles:

  • Content Strategist
  • Developer Relations
  • Ecosystem Advocate
  • Senior Solidity Developer
  • JavaScript / TypeScript Software Engineer
  • Designer

You can see our open roles here: Reach out to us if you want to join the team in a different role!


  • Want to start building with deBridge today to seamlessly go cross-chain? Here are some examples of cross-chain contracts for developers.
  • Here’s our deBridge developer portal.
  • You can also get started integrating with our deSwap API to enable cross-chain swaps between any liquid assets in a matter of minutes. You can find more information here:
  • deBridge SDK makes it easier than ever to start going cross-chain.
  • An overview of different deBridge cross-chain dApp examples.
  • Hands-on video guide where we go through how to start building powerful cross-chain applications with the deBridge generic messaging protocol.
  • We will add more tutorials on integrating and building with deBridge. Contact us on Telegram or Discord, or by email at to get started right away. We’re here to help you have the best integration experience possible💪


  • Added Affiliate fee for new users brought in from a different site
  • Fixed bug with connection to a wallet in a new tab
  • Optimized CPU usage when using deApps
  • Fixed bug with claiming transactions when a wallet with another chain is connected
  • Fixed bug with clickable area in the wallet section when ‘claim transaction’ chart is open


Protocol Stats 📊 deExplorer | deBridge Analytics | Dune analytics

  • $68M+ Transaction volume
  • $181k+ fee generated for the deBridge protocol.
  • 111k+ transactions🌉
  • 60k+ unique users
  • 106 assets bridged (Anyone can permissionsly start bridging their assets to any chain to increase token utility and more via dePort)
  • 7 chains supported (Many more to come in the near future👀)

Join our community today! Stay updated and get involved.
28k+ Twitter followers 👥

20k+ Discord members 👥

3600+ Telegram members 👥

6 international groups on Discord🌏

9 Community calls (See you at the next one!)📺


Now, that is a wrap for September 2022. Let’s make this October memorable with tons of exciting progress and development! We truly appreciate our community members and everyone that’s a part of the deBridge ecosystem.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. As always, stay tuned for additional updates, and be sure to follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our blog. You can also join our Discord server to hear about the newest happenings from deBridge and give us feedback.




Generic messaging and cross-chain interoperability protocol that enables decentralized transfers of data and assets between blockchains