deSwap Liquidity Network (DLN): a secure new paradigm for depthless cross-chain value transfers

Enabling limitless, zero slippage cross-chain value transfers with 0 TVL

3 min readOct 5, 2022


We’re excited to reveal deSwap Liquidity Network, a new paradigm for cross-chain value transfers enabling secure, limitless transfers of liquidity across chains with zero locked liquidity.

deSwap Liquidity Network (DLN) solves the known challenges of capital-efficiency, scalability, and security faced by classical bridges, presenting an improved, innovative new design that channels liquidity rapidly across chains, on demand.

DLN — which will go live in the coming weeks — is the successor to deSwap V1, which was the first solution to enable cross-chain swaps between any liquid assets using the classical approach of locked liquidity + wrapped assets. So far, deSwap has processed 110k+ transactions from over 60k unique users earning $180k+ in total fees.

Solving all security, capital-efficiency, and scalability issues

Powered by the deBridge generic messaging protocol, deSwap Liquidity Network removes the need for locked liquidity, wrapped assets, and inefficient liquidity mining campaigns by shifting the paradigm from ‘locked liquidity’ to ‘liquidity on demand’. Here, incentives are distributed efficiently at the time of transfer, instead of a constant flow, regardless of demand.

Classical Bridges

DLN makes it simple to onboard additional blockchains without the need for liquidity mining campaigns, thereby solving the liquidity bottleneck faced by many ecosystems.

deSwap Liquidity Network

DLN is also by orders of magnitude more capital-efficient than classical bridges, avoiding conversion slippage, risk of MEV, and AMM fees (in the case of wrapped assets). All orders are settled with zero slippage with DLN.

With zero locked liquidity, DLN is significantly more secure than existing solutions as liquidity is transferred virtually instantly, avoiding the risk of contagion from one blockchain to another, or the creation of a honeypot that lures hackers.

For end-users, protocols, and Web3 apps, DLN enables zero slippage transfers of any size with the market’s lowest fees and fastest settlement. DLN is particularly suitable for high-throughput apps, offering large capital-efficient transfers with the option of cross-chain limit orders.


  • Zero slippage on any order side
  • Unlimited market depth
  • Guaranteed rates and lowest fees
  • Fastest settlement for cross-chain transfers
  • Native token bridging (no wrapped assets)
  • Limit orders for cross-chain swaps
  • Zero locked liquidity at risk
  • Rapidly scalable for new blockchain support

Getting started with DLN today

We truly believe this new architecture is a robust solution to the current challenges faced by classical bridges in terms of security, scalability, and capital-efficiency. Protocols, dApps, wallets, or any Web3 application can contact us for early access.

Reach out here to be amongst the first to enable seamless zero slippage cross-chain transfers for your protocol or application, or to participate in the network and start monetizing idle liquidity.




Generic messaging and cross-chain interoperability protocol that enables decentralized transfers of data and assets between blockchains