Our Indiegogo Campaign Starts Today

Dan Draper
Jun 16, 2019 · 2 min read
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After over 4 years of research and filming, we are excited to launch our Indiegogo fundraising campaign today.

The campaign will run from June 17th through to August 3rd in which time we hope to raise $24,000 (AUD).

We are thrilled to be launching our campaign on Indiegogo. While we did explore other funding options such as a corporate investor or a commercial network, we settled on crowdfunding as we felt it gave a good balance of flexibility and creative control. We also wanted to make sure that we could maintain an unbiased narrative throughout the film.

Funds raised from the campaign will be used for additional filming, equipment, location hire and post-production.

Contributions start at $25 AUD ($17 USD) and range up to $150 ($103 USD) which will get you a ticket to watch the film online, a tee-shirt and a sticker pack. We are also offering corporate packages starting at $250 for logo placement in the website and credits.

Corporate Champions

A corporate champion package is available for up to 3 organisations who want to take the “Diversity Challenge”. Corporate champions will get the chance to apply some of the lessons of the film to their workplace while the Debugging Diversity team films their journey. Key parts of the challenge will be included in the film.

Contributions can be made via Indiegogo.

Debugging Diversity

The DocuSeries that Debugs Diversity in Technology

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