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The gotchas in docker!

I love it. It has no doubt made my life a 1000 times easier. Want to test something out quickly in a linux machine? Spin up a container. Want to ship something out to a peer? Pack it as an image. Want to automate everything on your local? You know the answer.

So far my experience with docker has been all positive. When I say docker I literally mean docker. I have a huge respect for other containerisation engines like containerd. In fact, it is a goal for this to go full blown containerd in at least one project.

Coming back to docker — I do feel there are a few things that shouldn’t have been left unsaid. Not every dev/devops expects things to be happening in a peculiar way. The points I’m going to mention next are something that hasn’t just been noticed by me, but several other peers I interacted with:

There are a few other areas I feel things are quite surprising, but very minor ones. While I understand the issues faced by us aren’t really issues, it was quite hard to wrap our heads around the same. One way this can be tackled is better documentation, and seriously docker! The documentation needs some improvement irrespective.

That said I can’t even imagine how complicated things would have been, had docker not existed. So, thank you for that!




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