Here’s what went down on Debut’s Halloween night out

Here at Debut, we like to get stuff done just like the next ambitious, game-changing start-up company. But when a full moon comes out on a cold, dark night, we turn into right party animals. So when Halloween 2016 rolled around, bringing with it a huge party at the Moorgate WeWork office, we had to pay it the proper respect.

We raided our super creative start-up imaginations for some legendary costumes. After weeding out the weak ideas (The Addams Family and Disney princesses just a few of ideas that were shot down), we decided on a plethora of ghoulish alter-egos. Here are some of our best looks.

Alex (me), Journalist

In retrospect, I mayyyyybe went a tad too gory on the Zombie Kanye costume. But it still came off a treat, and the effect that the white contacts had on the other revelers at the party was so worth the half hour I spent poking myself in the goddamn eyes.

Charlie, CEO and Founder of Debut

Sometimes, Halloween works best when you just throw all your ideas at the wall and see what sticks.

Here’s Charlie, our CEO, in what can only be reliably described as an undead vampire pumpkin princess costume. Between the way he carries that gown and the absurdly good quality of this mirror selfie, it makes me wonder if this is his first time dressing up like a princess.

Michele, COO of Debut

Not to be undone by Charlie, our COO Michele went with this gorgeous German maiden’s dress as his Halloween costume. He’s also adeptly used make-up and accessories to make it look like he died in a tragic accident at Oktoberfest.

Matt, Marketing Manager

Avast mateys! Yarrr! Captain Matt he be a fair ol’ scallywag… *ahem* I’ll stop now. Seriously though, our marketing manager killed this pirate costume, and all the rum available at the party offered him the chance to really get into character.

Sonal, Account Manager

Account manager Sonal is dressed as a cat here. No, really. Honest. She promises. Yeah, I thought so too.

Victor, Account Manager

Our fedora hats come off to Victor, one of the newest additions to the Debut team for this frankly incredible Freddy Kruger costume. Special shouts out to Sonal and Matt for helping with his face make-up, comprised of liquid latex and porridge oats. Truly, a Nightmare on Old Street.

With the gang all dressed up, what ensued were group photos…

Cab selfies…

And the obligatory shaky mid-rave video.

Suffice it to say a fun time was had by all. But there’s a valuable lesson to be learnt here about company culture. Great pay and perks are one thing but being part of a company with a fun, easy-going vibe is just as important as either of those things.

Especially if you’re a young person finding your feet in the world of work, your new co-workers are going to become like a family to you. In that case, it’s best to have a family that you trust to stick porridge oats to your face.

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