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An Inside to Building the Best Team with the Right Structure for Your Next Project!

Developing mobile apps that stand out from the competition is not an easy task. Talking from our experience of developing many successful apps over the years, the most important parameter for the success of a project is the right app development team.

You might skip over this, but an app is just not an app-it’s a business! When you develop an app, you technically become the CEO, the founder of the app. So, the responsibility is high!

For those who are looking forward to kick-starting their app development journey, this blog post serves as an outline for finding and building the right team for your project!

Defining the project team

Simply put, a project team comprises team members who actively work on a single or multiple phases of the project. Team members can be in-house staff or offshore app development teams working on a project full-time or part-time basis.

The roles and responsibilities of the project members can vary depending on the project, and project members can be responsible for the different duties and tasks based on the project they’re involved in.

The definition of a good project team involves setting proper terms of responsibilities and duties after considering specific goals and objectives for the project. From contributing to overall project targets to documenting the procedure, the duties of project team members are numerous.

A project can only be successful when the individuals behind the project work with sheer dedication towards the same. Hence, knowledge is not the only parameter when selecting the right software development team.

Identifying a good project team

Hiring the right app team is different from hiring prospects in general. Selecting the right team, and a proficient project manager is crucial to ensure smooth working and transitioning of the project.

A study reveals that out of all the challenges, the largest project management challenge an organization faces is with poorly trained project managers in the team.

Source: Workamajig

There are several skills that you must look for in all the members of your team. Simply assuming that the people you are hiring already have all the right skills is not efficient, and is unquestionably a wrong approach. Even the employees with the best skills need proper orientation and polishing according to the requirements of the project.

Organizations that want to earn an edge over their competitors must invest in their employees. Even if you are outsourcing, you need to understand the requirements of a good team for the right offshore app development.

For your knowledge, we have another dedicated blog post for the Ins and Outs of Outsourcing app development:

Here is a brief of a few qualities that an organization must look into their project members:

1. Excellent communication skills

We all know that a project team member works with all sorts of people, from different teams and different backgrounds. So, to bridge the gap, they must be good at communication. Poor communication can make or break the project, so this is important!

2. Knowledge of management principles

It is quite obvious that not everybody can be perfect at everything, and if your project members are good at tools and terms of project management, they are good to go.

3. Highly organized and punctual

The organization is important for the project as well as for the project management. A good app development team must be highly organized and should understand what is going on at each step of the project. They must understand all the tools available and how to skillfully use them for the benefit of the project.

4. Ability to read between the lines

Apart from having good communication and project management skills, the employees must also be good leaders who should understand their team members and also inspire the people.

They should be able to create a vision for both the stakeholders and teams and in case of crisis, they should know how to exactly manage the team.

5. Pro-active and self-assured

When employees are proactive and take responsible actions on their own, they can impact the overall success of the project. Always seek proactivity in your employees as this would make your project run much smoother and faster than you can think.

Self-assurance is another important parameter. When project managers face resilience and opposition from others, they need to stand up and clearly express their needs that are in the best interests of the project.

Defining the right roles in the project team

“The ratio of We’s to I’s is the best indicator of the development of a team.” — Lewis B. Ergen

The success of the project doesn’t happen overnight. It is a result of different skills and experience evaluations. The team members you are looking for must have the right amount of experience in app building. Here are a few roles that must be defined clearly to ensure that your project gains success:

1. Project Manager

The most important role of any project is that of the project manager and he/she is usually held accountable for the success of the project. The project manager’s job is to certify that the project proceeds within the specified time frame and the budget allocated.

The roles and responsibilities of the project manager include:

  • Creating a project plan outline.
  • Managing deadlines and deliverables.
  • Hiring the right team members for the project.
  • Leading and supervising the project.
  • Establishing a project schedule and deciding each phase.
  • Providing regular updates to management.

2. Team Lead

A team lead provides guidance and direction to the team members while ensuring that project needs are well served. Apart from allocating roles, a team leader also knows the strengths of his team members and distributes their roles accordingly.

Below are a few roles that a team lead usually works on:

  • Creating a project strategy.
  • Imparting training to this team members.
  • Listening to the team member’s feedback.
  • Managing the flow of day-to-day operations.
  • Creating reports to inform the company’s team’s progress.

3. Senior Member

A senior member is an experienced and skilled member of any mobile/web app development team. The senior members are delegated to deal with more complex project responsibilities and can serve more than one role at a time.

The roles and responsibilities of a senior project member differ from company to company. A senior team member may also have duties that would align with those of the project manager.

A brief list of what roles and responsibilities of a senior member are presented below:

  • They act as a major point of contact for all the stakeholders of the project.
  • They guide as well as handle the struggling projects that usually wander far off from their course.
  • Conducting interviews for the junior members.
  • Stand as a role model for the junior members.

4. Junior Member

Junior members are responsible for the completion of the project within the given time frame. Their job description involves coordinating other team members and technicians for the purpose to achieve the goal of the given project.

They also follow the administrative guidance on project execution.

5. Other project contributors

A project team coordinator is a person who involves himself in teamwork but is not fully engaged in performing tasks and carrying out project team duties.

Speaking of which, although different organizations can adopt different tactics for the organization, having the right structure can give you many advantages.

Ending Note

The success of the project mainly depends on the project team with the right organizational structure. If the project objectives are not clearly defined, the project team would not be able to perform to the best of its ability.

Therefore, the organization should always hold the right management structure and adopt a successful model that could help execute the success of the project.

Relieve yourself from the stress of hiring the right project team by hiring mobile app developers from the pool of our extremely talented resources for your next project!




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