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Enterprise App Design: Does iOS compete with Android in terms of Security?


Enterprise app development is on the rise, and iOS is one of the most preferred platforms for the same. According to a report, Adobe highlights the expanding need for enterprises to invest in mobile app development.

Although iOS is a preferred choice due to the intensifying market for Apple smartphones, there are other stronger competitors in the market that are competing neck-to-neck with iOS. Android, a Google-owned platform, has been performing well due to its integration with Google’s extensive services, flexibility, and support.

So, discussing the security- will iOS dominate over the Android’s ‘game of ace’ with open platforms?

Security: A primacy in Enterprise app development

There is a drastic increase in the usage of mobile applications, internet-connected mobile devices in enterprises. Generally, enterprise mobility fosters people as well as processes enabling mobile computing across mobile devices and wireless networks.

With the rise in the concept of “Bringing your own devices” (BYOD) where employees have access to the company’s data or work using smartphones and tablets. Only a few of them have proper security systems in place for these devices.

Enterprise application security is important because:

  • Safeguards sensitive data and ensures information privacy.
  • Upholds the organization’s reputation by protecting it from cyber-attacks.

Fixing security vulnerabilities in iOS and Android

There are no restrictions on when or where the users can perform business by using their mobile devices. Complete access to company data is easily available on platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

74 percent of IT leaders from global enterprises report that their organization has experienced a data breach due to a mobile security issue — IDG.

The data handled by a company not only involves their information but consumers as well. For instance, a bank that uses mobile applications must have exceptional security features to process, store, and transfer sensitive information.

When evaluating the reports, it becomes evident that iOS had fewer vulnerabilities in comparison to Android. In 2018, the number of vulnerabilities discovered in iOS has reduced considerably with only 86 compared to 387 vulnerabilities in 2017.

Here is a pie chart that would help you evaluate the comparison between iOS and Android vulnerabilities.

How secure are iOS and Android platforms?

Applications developed for the enterprises are different from those made for consumers. Enterprise App developers have included several key security considerations while building applications for enterprises.

The use of strong encryption, certificate underpinning, and shifting to a cloud are some of the techniques used to improve application security.

Threat levels

Android is an open-source platform that is vulnerable to threats and malware as it allows the running of third-party applications. According to a report, about 97 percent of the malware happens on the android platform. This report indicates that the Android app development platform is inappropriate for use in the enterprise.

Because Android supports third-party it is always perilous to use android for business, and at the same time iOS being a closed platform, offers some level of protection against these threats.

Device Fragmentation

Device fragmentation is the one key feature that regulates the level of safety offered in a platform’s application. Higher disk fragmentation results in an increased risk of the data breach.

In the case of Android, the fragmentation is higher as it contains numerous versions of the operating system which makes it more vulnerable to data breaches. Simultaneously, iOS has a lower fragmentation because it has a limited version and hence makes the device more secure.

Software Security

Both iOS and Android take security as an important aspect of app development. As a part of this, both the platforms keep on pushing out new updates for the protection of the new device from the new forms of threats.

The updates that are rolled out by iOS are mandatory to be installed on the device, contrary to the updates that are rolled by Android.

Comparison of iOS and Android for Enterprise Management needs:

In terms of managing various operations about enterprise, both iOS and Android possess a large set of features and functionalities.

As far as the iOS platform is concerned, it is BYOD compatible because of the enhanced mobile device management tools. It also provides easy consolidated administration to control all the connected iOS devices.

In the case of Android, mobile device management fails to achieve the level of flexibility as provided by the iOS platform. Since different individuals and management have different needs from these mobile devices, they provide centralized administration of devices.


In a nutshell, iOS devices are built for better security as they are closed sourced and the key features of iOS can serve the enterprise needs by offering full protection for data and communications. Android too, has the prospective to evolve into a dependable enterprise platform. The immense expansions in Android are intimating at a shift in the current market domain of the enterprise sector. With these perspective changes in the Android platform, enterprise app development companies might take the privilege of this platform as well.

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