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Mobile Apps & Hospitality: A High-Tech Makeover on the Move

Whether for business or personal use, today’s travelers are extremely dependent on their smartphones for every part of their journey, from finding good travel deals to booking hotel rooms to making payments. That’s the reason why the significance of mobile apps has grown rapidly in recent times with more and more hotels investing in them. In the hotel industry where customer service is king, hotel apps can help you facilitate the quality service you want to provide. Mobile apps not only enhance the guest experience or management, but also streamline workflows & processes.

In this blog post, we will disclose some latest stats and trends of mobile apps in the hotel industry and what opportunities mobile apps can offer to the hoteliers in the coming future.

What Mobile Apps Can Do for Your Hotel Business

1. CMS integrated hotel apps: Managing the content of any hotel includes updating promotional content, deals, discounts, reservation details, reviews, maps, events, banners, local area attractions, hotel packages and metadata in the hotel app. A CMS-integrated mobile app permits hotel staff to create and update content any time they need. In addition to that, CMS also helps hoteliers to promote their brand and manage their sales channel effectively & cost-efficiently.

2. Better trend predictions: The guests’ subsequent in-app interactions and the way they behave once they’re inside the hotel can be detected by a hotel-based mobile app. It helps hoteliers in gaining valuable insights into the customer’s preferences and contributes towards better decision-making. This type of data can help in improving the daily operational activities of the hotel by enabling the management to know the specific time intervals during which the particular services are in demand.

3. Smart parking spots: Smart sensors enabled mobile apps can help hotel staff to ensure optimal utilization of their parking space. It can allow users to reserve parking spots in advance via hotel apps. It will not only save the labor cost of hotels but also give a smoother experience to users while they check in.

4. In-room tech: Hotel affiliated mobile apps can provide users a simple way to communicate with staff for any type of requests such as making reservations for dinner or requesting for room service & housekeeping. Also, users will be able to lock & unlock their rooms from their mobile apps with smart sensors.

5. Portable concierge: Through hotel mobile apps, customers can easily research and find all the relevant information they need that a traditional concierge wants to provide them while they check-in. Concierge solutions can also offer a two-way chat to accommodate immediate conversations to properly fulfill guests’ needs and requests.

6. Better room service: After the guests’ check-in, hotel apps can be used to send them notifications regarding food ordering and other room services. These notifications could include personalized suggestions based on their previous orders. This will be similar to a food delivery app as users receive push notifications regularly at their preferred ordering times on their preferred days.

7. Customer Loyalty reward program: A hotel loyalty program is a key strategy used by hotel chains to attract and retain customers to their hotel premises. You can add this feature to your hotel app and provide offers and coupons to your regular customers.

8. AI consolidated hotel app: Hotel industry is a reputation-driven industry and what people think and say about it matters a lot. An AI consolidated hotel app can quickly parse customer reviews and give proper insights into what people are thinking about your hotel services. AI can also alert you to potential public-relations disasters early, giving you time to craft an appropriate response.

Mobile App Stats in the Hotel Industry

  • According to Google India and BCG report, 62 percent of hotel bookings are done through mobile, whereas 60 percent through the app and 40 percent through the phone websites.
  • According to hospitality technology, 27 percent of mobile app users use mobile phones to search and book hotels.
  • As per the recent report by travel agent central, 39 percent of hotel guests use a digital room key to unlock their hotel room door from their smartphone.

Share of traffic by browsing environment for last-minute hotel bookings


While these were some stats and opportunities that mobile apps can provide to the hotel industry in the coming future, there are many more such as smart energy management, mobile room keys, smart guest experiences, language adoption facility, tour guiding facility, etc. From the above-written benefits, it would not be wrong saying that the hotel industry is leading the charge in the adoption of mobile app development. In the coming days, it’s clear that hotel technology trends will focus strongly on mobile apps to drive engagement with customers and increase revenue growth.

If you are looking for a leading mobile app development company that can provide you with the best hotel-based mobile apps at decent prices, then we’re here to your rescue. Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as a market leader in iOS and Android mobile app development and have had the pleasure to work with some of the biggest industry names. For further assistance, drop us a line at or call us at 1–703–537–5009.



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