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Technology and Supply Chain: A Dynamic Duo in the Making

Simplifying provenance and origin tracking, and adding immutability in Supply chain


To stay in the competition globally and remain in the cutting edge of a complex business world of supply chains, numerous organizations are incorporating technology into their supply chain management system. In recent years, consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and are setting their expectations high when it comes to quality and service.

Today’s technology has extensive capability when it comes it keeping the company’s production on track, forestalling and mending the mistakes, and making modifications that guarantee a top-quality product.

Blockchain Technology- A game changer for supply chains

With an increasing emphasis on technological advancements and an increase in customer expectations trigger a need for an integrated and efficient supply chain management. For various industries, digitization of business processes has become more of a necessity than a value-added proposition.

Managing today’s supply chain Technological advancements enable businesses to build end-to-end supply chain solutions that speed up the processes and avoid bottlenecks in the supply chain.

Here’s a rundown of Blockchain’s potential in the supply chain:

  • More visibility and reduced costs

In a complex network of supply chains, it’s hard to keep track of the volumes that drive across various stakeholders in a supply chain network. Using Blockchain technology, traceability becomes enormously simple.

With the help of a constantly refreshed digital ledger technology, adding data from all your relevant partners, your organization can see the complete data regardless of who purchased what. Thus, the use of Blockchain technology in supply chain management provides an improvement in visibility and accountability in the supply chain.

  • More effective order tracking and delivery

When technology is integrated into the Supply chain, tracking and tracing of orders become more easy and effective. When Blockchain is integrated into the supply chain management, tracking and traceability are improved to a great level, which in turn increases consumer satisfaction and consumer retention.

By embracing technology to gain better visibility across all areas of the business and making data-driven decisions after looking in real-time information brings efficiency across the whole manufacturing process.

  • Increased trust and Collaboration

With the help of IT and Blockchain technology, real-time information sharing brings transparency and also increases collaboration within the key partners. Manufacturers can track the activities throughout the whole supply chain and add visibility into the supplier end and distributor process.

  • Digitization of payments and contracts

Adding digitization into the payments and contracts not only helps overcome the delay in payments but also the analog hole. Blockchain can put an end to the payment rogue by integrating payments in digital contracts that flow across the enterprises and integrate with logistics partners and banks.

Using smart contracts, where the terms can be fulfilled with the help of receipts, which is a proof of complete delivery and would automatically generate digital invoicing and payments.

The Future of supply chain

The supply chain we are dealing with today is a convergence of various processes that must collaborate to complete a task. Supply chain management varies in complexity for every organization.

While it is true that the current supply chain is being disrupted, it is quite evident that supply chain management is not over. The supply chains are constantly evolving, but the fact is that we are experiencing this disruption on a larger scale. Blockchain technology is being currently introduced and experimented in supply chain management.

Blockchain in Supply chain

Blockchain is the holy grail of the supply chain management as the benefits of this digital ledger technology in the Supply chain management are never-ending.

Many experts highlight the potential of Blockchain to transform the business, making the data more visible as well as having the ability to improve the overall consumer experience. But will Blockchain be able to meet the challenges of the future?

Supply chain challenges in the future:

  • Rising supply chain costs for products and services
  • Increasing consumer mandates for faster fulfillment
  • Getting new and personalized products to market quicker
  • Achieving end-to-end view to planning

To align with the future supply chain challenges, Blockchain technology needs to evolve significantly. To the date, the performance of supply chain execution on Blockchain is extremely insufficient and the cost of transaction processing is high. Smart contract development and testing need to support greater complexity, security, and collaboration in rules and deployment.

To meet future supply chain goals, analytics capabilities will also have to be added to Blockchain activities. Today, there aren’t any analytic capabilities on Blockchain technology and there’s also a requirement for a hybrid data warehouse or data lake.


To sum up, integrating Blockchain in supply chain management has immense potential and would bring a great change in the working of the supply chain. Several organizations are discovering the benefits of leveraging Blockchain technology in adjacent areas, such as the introduction of smart contracts and passing more rigor to purchase order payments. While the potential of Blockchain technology is gigantic, the supply-chain world still requires time to measure its suitability against other technologies.

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