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What Makes Flutter the Best Mobile App Development Framework in 2021?

Are you a bootstrapper and looking for the right app development framework to develop your mobile app? We live in a world where mobile app development competition is increasing with every passing minute. It is 2021, and organizations are moving towards native app development and adopting various cross-platform app development platforms. However, this is still too cost-extensive for SMEs and start-ups, with limited cash resources.

Start-ups do need mobile apps. The persistent fear of COVID-19, and social distancing norms, all point towards the fact that consumers in all the industries are far away from physically walking up to the stores.

Due to the pandemic, consumer demand for mobile apps has increased three-folds. Mobile apps will hence continue to rule the business landscape. With 2.7 million apps in the Google Play Store and 1.84 million apps in Apple’s App Store, the importance of mobile apps for businesses is quite evident.

So, startups are in a dire need of an app development solution that is quick, cost-effective, and provides higher ROIs. And guess what? Flutter is an app development framework that fits all the above-mentioned criteria.

So, let’s dig deeper into this blog post to find out why Flutter is the best app development framework in 2021!

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an app development framework for building and natively compiling apps across all the web, mobile, and desktop frameworks from a single codebase. Flutter uses the programming language Dart and incorporates material design and widgets such as Cupertino to not only create spectacular apps but also imitate platforms to behave naturally on any platform.

Flutter is a toolkit developed by Google for building native apps and engaging user interfaces for mobile, web, and desktop. Flutter is one of the best choices for startups, with the maximum features an app development platform can offer. Here is some data regarding Flutter mobile app development that would help you get better insights about the same:

  • Flutter is the most powerful and top framework in comparison to other languages. Flutter mobile app developers find it very easy and fruitful to work with this app development framework.
Statista: Choosing Flutter for cross-platform app development | Zyax
  • Flutter went live in December 2018 and reached 2 million users by the end of April 2020.
  • Recently, Google released version 1.20 of its Flutter cross-platform framework and reports show that the number of Flutter-built apps in the Play Store increased from 50,000 to 90,000 since April 2020. Flutter’s beta version was launched on 13th March 2018 and it was first to live on 4th December 2018.
  • According to Google, the share of flutter developers has been broken into the following categories- startups, enterprise developers, self-employed, and design agencies.
  • According to a survey, out of the total cross-platform mobile frameworks used by software developers worldwide, 39 percent of them chose Flutter app development.
Source: Flatter Yourself With Flutter Mobile App development — Quokka Labs

Hence, flutter is a native app development platform that uses the programming language Dart and incorporates material designs and Cupertino widgets to create spectacular native apps. The definition itself is an overview of all the reasons why Flutter is the perfect choice for creating mobile app development solutions for startups in 2021.

Let’s take an elaborated look at all these reasons below:

Get faster apps with Flutter

One of the most common facts that cannot be stressed enough is that apps that load slowly are uninstalled faster. Due to the vast amount of options available, users are simply too spoilt to go for an app that is not at par with their requirements.

When you build an app with Flutter, you deploy the skia graphics library which is fast and has a mature graphics library with a strong backend. With a shooting speed of up to 120 fps, Flutter gives you a super-smooth UI that loads the fastest in the shakiest of the connection speeds.

Get better UI consistency across all the platforms

Flutter deploys the same UI and business logic on all the platforms which makes them even more consistent. Now, you might argue that all the cross-platform frameworks share the codebase between the platforms, but Flutter is the only framework that allows the sharing of UI code and the UI itself.

Most of the other platforms work with components that are platform-specific which further require a property mapping layer and widget data synchronization. You might also need to synchronize each animation into a widget call for the platform, which can get more complicated if you want faster processing.

On the other hand, Flutter possesses an advantage here. Flutter doesn’t need any platform-specific UI components to render its UI. All you need here is a canvas and forget about all the worries of UI consistency across the platforms.

Faster time to market

The basic aim of every cross-platform app development framework is to reduce the development time and achieve faster time to the market. This might sound like an accomplishment but this is a necessity.

Source: React Native vs. Flutter: Which One to Choose — NIX United (

Flutter is stated to use up to 80 percent of the code, which reduces the man-hours and also provides this framework an advantage over its competitors Swift and Java. Declarative APIs of flutter also add to significantly improving performance and also increasing development speed.

Hot Reload is one of the most celebrated features of AI. Eliminating all the friction in the designer-developer collaboration is infinitely simple, and hot reload is single-handedly responsible for saving hours of the development process. With hot reload, you can also see the changes that you make to code to show up on the screen in real-time without losing the current state.

Native Performance

As already mentioned, native apps are expensive to build, but the general impression is cheaper and faster, and alternatives compromise on performance quality is turned on its head by Flutter.

More than a million developers use Flutter, and about 10 percent growth is witnessed every month. Flutter is winning from all because of its robust performance. While flutter builds applications directly from the machine code instead of relying on any intermediate code interpretations, this framework also eliminates bugs and provides flawless performance across various platforms.

Flutter App Development is comparatively cheaper

Coming to the part that startups and business owners are most proud about. Flutter app development produces great results in rates that are much cheaper than the other available. Moreover, Dart is statically typed which makes writing code easier and faster. All of these factors reduce the flutter app development cost altogether.

Because flutter is a popular platform right now, the developer community is in search of better opportunities to make flutter a more rewarding investment.

Wider market reach

After all the good things we have told you about this amazing app development platform, this is the last but not the least!

Flutter apps can be deployed on any platform, be it iOS, Android or Windows. These apps can be used on smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs alike. Another greatest advantage of the Flutter app development framework is that flutter apps allow you to market your apps to a larger audience.

This is a useful feature for startups in 2021 as a business is global and you are now able to deploy your app on a variety of devices, and this opens up a world to you.


Startups in 2021 are in a dire need of mobile apps that are robust, economical, and can help them achieve new levels of performance. Developers from all the industries are actively moving towards flutter and making it the perfect app development framework for their enterprise. The potential for customization in the flutter is tremendous and the performance is at par with the best native apps out there.

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