Cat-AtoZ challenge

I have searched my brains for anything I could write as I keep playing catch up with the AtoZ challenge. Clearly, I have come up blank.

Actually, I haven’t been completely blank. I thought of writing about a recent obsession I had with Catfish: The Show.

But the obsession passed a week ago so it seems like old school news now. I did enjoy watching most of the episodes but some of the staged moments started getting to me. Before stumbling upon the show, I didn’t even know catfishing was a thing! You live and learn.

My next thought was to get a picture of a cat’s paw on my tongue. The cat would have an angry look on their face and I would caption it with ‘Cats caught my tongue.’ I couldn’t get a cat. Obviously.

So, for most of today, my thoughts have been dominated by cats. Thank you AtoZ challenge.



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