For the Diva Within

When you have guests every single month, it is important to have a great plan on the best way to deal with them. And when the guests come with so much complications no matter how often you prepare for them, a foolproof plan is the way to go.

But for these kind of guests, there are no fool proof plans.


There is the Diva cup!

And this is as close to fool proof as I could get.

I discovered them earlier this year and was off to a bad start.

Here is a tip; watch a YouTube How-To video before you embark on anything new. I learnt this the hard way when I tried out eyebrow make-up as well.

My first try was horrible. It took forever figuring out how to put it in. I had daymares when trying to figure out how to remove it-was stuck in the bathroom for almost half an hour. And I vowed my cup would find the bin as soon as it popped out. It didn’t.

As with many things in my life, I gave it another chance…and fell in love.

It helps that my guests aren’t as hungry during the day so the cup can sort me out perfectly all day at work, and then most of the night when I am at home. It has been a blessing, really.

I am pretty sure I have managed to save a few shillings thanks to the use of this cup…so that is a plus in itself.

Two friends I know recently got this too…and I feel so good knowing other people are discovering the amazing thing that is this. I am going to make sure my niece knows about them soon enough.

There is no time to waste.



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