Dev Spotlight: Decagon Trainee Builds All-in-One Expense Tracking App

As part of our software engineering training at Decagon, developers are required to build a functional product, typically a web-based software or a mobile app.

Elujoba Folorunso Olawale,going by Wale, a Python developer from Squad 7, developed an application that keeps track of users’ finances. Named FinTrak, the app lets users conveniently track their monthly income and expenses and prepare a budget.

Here are some exciting highlights about FinTrak:

The FinTrak Web Application: A Brief Overview

People often want to keep tabs on their expenses to identify and eliminate wasteful financial spending habits. FinTrak app provides a platform to help individuals take control of their finances and improve their financial habits.

The app tracks a user’s income and expenditure for a specific month and ensure accountability on spending. At the end of the month, users can ascertain their total earnings, their sources of income, and the total amount spent during the period.

The Inspiration Behind FinTrak

Wale was curious to find out how he spends his income on a monthly basis. This inquisitiveness led to the creation of FinTrak.

Since the app made this possible for him, he wants to help others understand their expenses more, and identify leaking points.

Programming Languages Used

  • Django REST framework: Backend.
  • React, Redux: Frontend.
  • Celery, Redis: Task manager and caching.
  • Heroku: Staging deployment.
  • Postgres: Database.

What’s Possible with FinTrak?

At the end of every month, users are notified of their financial activities for the stated period, via email. This produces a dashboard to view total earnings and expenses.

Plus, users can create a budget and compare their financial activities to this plan. In a nutshell, if you’re thinking of a way to effectively manage your finances, Wale was thinking of the same.

Challenges Encountered and Solutions

Building a fully-functional software application from start to finish is not the easiest thing to do, with a couple of blockers on the backend and frontend.

While building with scalability and efficiency in mind, these challenges can be overwhelming.

For Folorunso, the possibilities and potential of the FinTrak app made the process worthwhile. The knowledge acquired during the Decagon training was a major player.

More so, Decagon provides a community of mentors and peer leaders, who provided inputs in various forms.

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Link to FinTrak App: HERE



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