Decarium Daily 08/15/17

Welcome to the first edition of Decarium Daily. A daily crypto investor newsletter.

Biggest Gainers:

  • GAS (+39.69%)
  • DNT (+36.12%)
  • RDD (+33.49%)

Biggest Losers:

  • BNB (-27.58%)
  • DICE (-22.95%)
  • NLC2 (-22.19%)

Story Of the Day:

Yesterday’s story of the day is very clearly the incredible hype, and then dump of ARK. At one point, ARK was trading above $3.00 on Bittrex — only to drop back down to the mid dollar range today. It is a good reminder that the best investment strategy is not to try to ride the hype wave, but, rather, slow and steady.

Who To Follow:

This week I’d recommend following the co-founder of NEO Da Hongfei on Twitter. He frequently posts updates about NEO which has the potential to be the coin for the Chinese investment going forward. You can find him at: