Decarium Daily 8/30/17

Top Gainers/Losers are as of 0:00–24:00 UTC time (7PM Central Time)

Daily Top Gainers

  • PST (53.47%) Market Cap: $27,882,414
  • SYS (36.60%) Market Cap: $107,889,105
  • NXS (30.73%) Market Cap: $144,696,974

Primas (PST) faced a massive gain yesterday after it’s initial ICO. Unfortunately today it looks like the hype has dissipated, and Primas has come down to stable levels.

Daily Most Active

Daily Biggest Losers

  • XCP (-14.70%) Market Cap: $39,888,397
  • DNT (-14.68%) Market Cap: $61,262,400
  • TNT (-14.60%) Market Cap: $68,581,102

The market was again on an upward trend leaving not many losers at yesterday’s close. Most notable is DNT’s continued drop after it’s high 10 days ago. It seems that the selloff is slowly coming to a close, and may pick back up for some nice gains.

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