Time to Recover

I wanted to start logging my workouts somewhere, but also thought might be interesting to share. Track is a funny sport.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Now that I’m confident I can get back to a healthy rhythm and come back stronger for outdoor track, the decathlon is looking possible again. I thought I had retired from the multi-events after an injury riddled start to indoor track. But I have about a month to get healthy I’m ready to tackle the big 10 again.

Today’s Work

I’m coming back from a minor hip flexor strain and I’m in between indoor and outdoor track seasons. This is a perfect time to strengthen up my hips and ankle/foot/shins which have been my biggest setbacks. First dec is < 1 month away.

  • 🌶 10 minute hot bath
  • 🏃 easy 10 minute jog, 8 min/mile pace (classical music big help)
  • 👟 Ankle strength plyo series up hill
  • 👣 Barefoot hurdle drills, including mobility & hip strength work
  • 🏋 2x20 overhead squat with band
  • 🗞 5 minute foam roll
  • 🏃 5 minute cool down
  • ❄ 10 minute ice bath ️

This was a really awesome recovery day. Left quad has been extremely sore since single leg squats in therapy on Friday, so getting lots of blood flow in that area was clutch.

Things I’m looking forward to:

📹 Watching field event videos, because as a super injury prone decathlete, I can’t put in the required hours to reach full potential. Instead I’ll be studying film everyday which will be super beneficial and maximize the limited training I’ll have.

🔬 Coach Sam’s experimental training techniques he has been reading about like some kind of low-oxygen warmup he mentioned and a light/eye visual motor training device I can wear during workouts. This will be fun, but I’ll keep you updated once I try it.

🕐 I’m putting a time minimum on practice. Two hours, no less. If I want to maximize my training and prepare to be the best I can be, I have to put the time in and do the little things. Slowing down will be huge, no need to be in a rush for anything. I’m a second semester senior.

let’s get after it

This is part of a new project of mine to share an authentic NCAA division 3 track and field experience. After 8 years of competing at the high school and college level, this is my last season of competition before graduating. Track is a pretty widely misunderstood sport, so I wanted to offer as much insight into this world before saying goodbye.

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