I’m Going To Be A Dad

Hi there!

My name is Stevan and I’m going to be Dad. Or I’m already a Dad?

My wife Kelsey is at the time of this writing 8 months pregnant with our first kid.

It’s a boy! His name is Kal Landyn and we are uber excited to meet him super soon.

A bit about me.

I’m a 23 year old dude living in Joplin, Missouri happily married for a year and working as both an Online Health Coach and Food Scientist.

I love coaching people and enjoy my work in research and development in the food industry.

In my spare time I love lifting heavy stuff, reading tons of books, making videos, writing blogs, hanging out with my dogs, spending time with my wife, watching movies, practicing jiu jitsu, drinking coffee, and trying to be entrepreneurial.

I started this website primarily to document what I believe to be the greatest journey of my life and what will eventually be the greatest story of my life.

The story of becoming a Dad and everything I learn and experience along the way.

However besides that I’m hoping that by creating a record of my own journey through fatherhood I will be able to create something that other new Dads or hope-to-be Dads can relate too and find community in.

I hope it evolves into a community of Dads who are passionate about taking their place as leaders to raise families and help one another level up our own Dad skills.

This is not a parenting blog. This is not a “you should do it this way” blog.

This a story about me, my family, my kids, and how I’m growing into fatherhood, evolving along the way, and how I handle the expected and unexpected ups and downs of this new role I’m going to play.

I’m super excited about it all and I can’t wait to share more of it with you.

If you are interested in following along you can keep up by following @mydadlifellc on instagram or @my_dad_life_llc on twitter, liking the My Dad Life Facebook page, adding My Dad Life on snapchat, or watching my regular vlogs on youtube.

I’m also planning to interview older and more experienced Dad’s who I respect as a way for me to sort of “stand on the shoulders of giants.” I’ll be posting those here.

I honestly have no other plans for My Dad Life right now except for just sharing my life as a father, what I’m experiencing, thinking about, and any cool tactics, tools, or strategies I’m using along the way.

If you decide to follow along I hope you enjoy it and if you are a Dad I hope you get something out of the content that helps you be the dad you want to be.

In All My Dadness,

– Stevan