Coin Listing Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

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3 min readAug 15, 2019


As our summer vacations are nearing their end, all of you “heat lovers” out there must surely be left heartbroken. Nothing to lose your sleep over, though-we’ve got some spare sunshine left up our sleeves.

We’re happy to announce a brand-new crypto management and safety service for exchanges, DECENT Crypto Services-or DCS, for short. This new brainchild of ours will ensure that:

  • All of your coins and tokens are listed hassle-free and cheap
  • Buy/sell ratio of your coin is boosted without any loss in value
  • Your digital wallets and assets are safeguarded by top-level blockchain security

But, that’s not all! Read on if you’d like to see what amazing features our new service has to offer.

Universally Speaking, You Win in the Long Run

Listing coins on an exchange can clearly be a painful process. Can you imagine that putting up just one coin can take up to six months of development and a mind-boggling ? Let us just say that DCS completely breaks the mold in this regard.

This unique service of ours offers a cost-efficient alternative to not only easily implement all your desired coins and tokens on major exchanges but also gives you the tools to create wallets, perform transactions, manage your assets and much more-streamlining all of your visions of being in control of a safe crypto ecosystem.

By utilizing a custom-made API, managing and listing coins or tokens, created on ANY blockchain, is as easy and customizable as it gets!

Solid Coin Performance = Liquid Market

When it comes to crypto, the term “liquidity” is a highly debated phenomenon these days. A coin needs to maintain liquidity to keep its conversion value solid- and that’s where DCS steps in.

Our Market Making services keep your orders book healthy and boost your coin liquidity. In addition to all the boosting, you’ll be protected against market manipulation and disruption as DCS works hand-in-hand with 25 of the biggest exchanges, so you know you’ll be in good hands!

Goodbye Insecurity

Gone are the days of unsafe, easy-to-steal-from wallets! DCS is the only service you need to secure your digital wallet with our enterprise-level hardware -configurable entirely to your demands.

DCS takes advantage of industry-standard hardware utilized by Swiss banks, keeping your digital wallets as safe as a military base.

But what if something were to, heaven forbid, happen?

Your assets are protected by a 400 million Swiss Franc insurance and all utilized servers are stored in one of the safest hardware havens on the planet-a former military bunker in the Swiss Alps-so there’s zero need to worry.

We’re currently supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash (ABC & SV), Stellar, Cardano, Dash, IOTA, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Feathercoin and all ERC20 tokens. Of course, we’ll be implementing more coins in the future. Still, any of your desired coins can be added upon request -so, don’t hold back!

Did DCS pique your interest? Does our service offer exactly what you’re looking for? Then don’t delay anymore and request your proposal today through the official DCS website.

As always, if you have any questions or inquiries, reach out to us on social media channels or join us on Telegram to speak directly to a team member, and we’ll be glad to help you boost, liquify and safeguard your visions of an advanced crypto ecosystem.

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