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3 min readJul 2, 2019


As you may have already heard, last week DECENT co-hosted one of the largest fintech conferences in China, welcoming more than 60 of the industry’s biggest players and some of the most respected leaders.

The 5th Asia Future Fintech Innovation Conference was set off by DECENT’s Board Manager, Xiaomin Wang. The thrilling two-day conference featured names such as Jingti Han, Dean at the Institute of Financial Science and Technology, SUFE; Dr. Vlado Kysucky, CEO at BAEX; Del Elson, Country Manager at ALAX Vietnam; Qinzhong Qi of the International Digital Economics and Culture Association, and many more.

Board Member at DECENT, Xiaomin Wang
ALAX Vietnam Country Manager, Del Elson

DECENT, along with thought-leaders, venture capitalists, crypto exchange managers, and payment processing companies, dove deep into the challenges and opportunities associated with digital banking, financial information security, and the benefits of consolidating blockchain technology in finance.

The first day of the conference featured a panel with the General Manager of 761 International Fintech Space, Damu, CEO of Cloud Sharing Technology, Xin Shi, Founder of Jie Bo Technology, Kailong Li, and Founder of both Bitconch and DLT Capital, Lily Mu. These specialists in the field of finance shared their insights on the latest China and Shanghai trends. Damu, on the other hand, shared valuable details about their work in promoting fintech innovation and empowering localized growth within the eastern parts of Shanghai.

761 International Fintech Space General Manager, Damu

The second day opened with Xiaomin Wang introducing DECENT and its contributions to the blockchain industry. This introduction was then followed by a comprehensive breakdown of security tokens and the state of the venture capitalist industry by George Salapa. Later on, a panel including CEO of BlockShow, Addy Crezee, JRR’s VP, Alvaro Fernández, Head of Innovations at DECENT, Michal Geci, and Xiaochen Zheng, president of FinTech4Good. This quartet of in-the-field professionals engaged in a fascinating conversation about the future for millions of people left unbanked in emerging markets, the benefits of cooperating in an increasingly globalized world, and more recent news such as Facebook’s introduction of the Libra.

A blockchain-laden panel discussion, featuring Xiaochen Zhang, Michal Géci, Alvaro Fernández, and Addy Crezee.
Our DECENT China team fully in action.

Our team members also came ready as ever, and welcomed over 500 attendees and answered questions about our one-and-only DCore technology. At the booth, they emphasized information about exhilarating projects built on DCore such as ALAX & 3IPK, and also financial companies, like bardicredit, which is also part of our own recent developments. With DCore being a highly flexible technology, its showcase at the conference was an opportunity for other organizations to bridge the gap between blockchain adoption and traditional fintech with DECENT.

The conference brought in dozens of other prominent players in the industry to strengthen cross-border cooperation between Asian and European entrepreneurs and connect Chinese financial regulators and enterprises to identify mutual growth opportunities. Presentations such as 761 Intl. Fintech Space’s “ Promote Fintech Innovation Services to Keep Empowering the Jinke New District “ set the same collaborative tone that has given the fintech industry so much momentum.

Originally published at https://decent.ch on July 2, 2019.




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