3D Artists: How to Make Money Working on Decentraland Projects

We’ll show you how to create an Ethlance profile and connect with our community.

If you’re a 3D artist looking for new projects, you’re in the right place!

In Decentraland, users can create, experience, and monetize virtual content and applications. Given our large and diverse user base, our community will need some awesome 3D modelers to bring their visions to life. Decentraland has the potential to reimagine what’s possible within a virtual world.

To get matched up with opportunities within Decentraland, the only thing you need to do is establish a freelancer profile on Ethlance by following the instructions below.

How to Use Ethlance

Ethlance is a job market platform built entirely on the blockchain which uses cryptocurrency for payments. Thanks to those technologies, the platform can sustainably run with 0% service fees. Ethlance will never take a cut from transactions between freelancers and employers.

How to get started?

1. Install the MetaMask Chrome Extension

Before creating a profile on Ethlance, you’ll need to install MetaMask. Metamask is an extension that turns Chrome into an Ethereum-compatible browser.

Watch the following tutorial for help: https://youtu.be/gUZ_XT0a9_U

2. Register on Ethlance & Add "Decentraland Scene Development" to Your Profile

Once you’ve installed Metamask, you must register for an account on Ethlance.

After signing up, be sure to complete your profile. You can connect your Github and LinkedIn accounts, enter your job title, hourly rate, and interests.

Once your profile is ready, make sure to add Decentraland Scene Development as a tag in the skills section. This way, our users will be able to find you.

Next, press ‘Send’ and confirm the transaction by sending a small amount of Ether from your Metamask account to pay for the gas fees.

Note: Gas fees are the incentive for Ethereum miners to process your transaction. We will gladly refund your ETH fees if you get in touch with us at chat.decentraland.org — you can contact @MartinShibuya and provide your ETH address for us to reimburse your gas fees.

3. Complete Projects

Once you’ve registered using the process outlined above, clients will soon come your way! As a side note, our virtual land auction is about to end (see stats), and people have bought over $25M USD worth of virtual land, so we can expect a very high demand for skilled 3D artists.

We will be directing everyone in our community to the Decentraland Ethlance page, which is tagged with the phrase ‘Decentraland Scene Development’. From there, they will be able to view artist profiles (like yours) and contact you directly to discuss collaboration and rates.

4. Create an Invoice

After completing a project, you can create a new invoice in Ethlance by clicking on the “My invoices” tab and selecting “new invoice”. A new page is going to pop up, allowing you to enter the agreed upon rate. Press Send and confirm the transaction, again by sending a little amount of Ether from your Metamask account.

We're hiring!

If you or someone you know is passionate about decentralization in general and Decentraland in particular, please send an email with your social handles to ari@decentraland.org

Some of the positions we’re seeking to fill are:
- Marketing lead.
- VR developer (three.js, WebGL experience preferred).
- Operations Lead with legal background.
- Country Manager (based out of Seoul, South Korea)

We’re offering a 10,000 MANA bounty for each referral we end up hiring.

Any further questions?

We welcome you to the Decentraland community and look forward to see your work. Our team is always available to chat. Feel free to send us a message via any of the channels below: