Aelf, FBG Capital & Decentraland Join Forces to Create a Virtual Silicon Valley

Joining forces to build Crypto Valley, a virtual hub for the blockchain industry.

Decentraland’s Genesis City Auction commenced on December 15th. Already, we’ve seen thousands of people worldwide participate, likely making this the largest virtual land sale in history.

While our community continues to form the future of Decentraland, our team has been hard at work finalizing partnerships that will attract major blockchain projects to the platform. This week, we closed a deal with Aelf and FBG Capital to build a digital space within Decentraland called Crypto Valley.

“Our community has proven incredibly innovative, introducing countless Districts and proposals that will support many impressive initiatives. We’re helping accelerate that innovation through new cities like Crypto Valley” — Ari Meilich, Decentraland Project Lead

By building Crypto Valley (a virtual Silicon Valley), Decentraland is positioned to attract the interest of additional blockchain projects and investors. In this digital city, projects can form collaborative workspaces, hold Meetups, announce breakthroughs directly to their communities, connect with a global investor base, and interact with potential partners. This could change the way blockchain projects are created, funded, and managed.

“Blockchain investment has ramped in recent years, but the fact that projects are based in different parts of the world creates an obstacle for communication. Crypto Valley would provide a better way to meet and engage with communities regardless of geography.” — Shuoji Zhou, FBG Capital Founding Partner.

Within Crypto Valley, blockchain investors will have direct exposure to the latest projects. Investors will be able to chat and collaborate with teams in a virtual reality environment. This creates unprecedented access to the project’s community culture, interactive style, and networking opportunities.

Crypto Valley will not only reduce the distance between investors and blockchain projects, but it will also serve as a hub for blockchain enthusiasts around the world.

“Blockchain markets are globalized, but it’s not always easy for teams, investors, and communities to interact. We wanted to find a way to reduce communication costs, increase efficiency, and make encrypted digital cities the development hub of blockchain technology. Crypto Valley is positioned to achieve that mission.” — Zhuling Chen, Aelf co-founder

This partnership is yet another sign that Decentraland’s platform has wide-reaching potential. Crypto Valley has the potential to completely reshape how traditional and crypto projects operate.

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