Beware of scammers and phishing attacks

Only trust instructions from the official sites

With the token sale date coming up, we’re seeing an uptick in attempts to trick our community into giving away their funds. As with any other token sale, you should keep in mind:

  • You will be targeted by very elaborate scammers trying to steal your money.
  • It’s of utmost importance that you verify any information you find through official content.

The only places where we’ll be providing instructions will be this blog and our website. You should ignore any information coming from anywhere else.

Scammers have replicated our fundraising platform on the similar-looking domain, which when written with a capitalized ‘i’ looks identical to the real domain. Watch out for this domain, it’s not us.

We’re doing everything we can to warn our community on Slack, Twitter and our newsletter. Remember:

  • No one from Decentraland will ask you to send money anywhere.
  • Do not trust Slack direct messages or emails seeming to be from Decentraland team members.
  • The only way to participate in the MANA token sale is the one described in our official guide.

As a preventive measure we’ve closed new user registrations to Slack until further notice.

We hope to see you when the token sale starts on August 17th 8pm EST at