How to earn MANA Tokens for your feedback and proposals.

Franco Zeoli
Jul 13, 2017 · 2 min read

Our Slack channel has been busy over the last few months, receiving plenty of valuable help, feedback, and content from our dedicated community members. It’s fitting that a world that will be owned by the community is also being built by its members.

To encourage even more participation, we will be setting aside a portion of MANA Tokens from our community pool to reward thoughtful discussion and contribution from members of our Slack and Telegram channels.

We’re moving closer to achieving our vision for a totally decentralized virtual world, where people can socialize, create digital goods and services, and trade freely. The long-term value of that world is dependent on the diversity of content and the creative ideas that the community generates.

How to Earn Free MANA

We have reserved 700,000 MANA tokens (700 land tiles if converted to land) for use in our Decentraland Community Vision program, to be distributed to members of our Slack and Telegram communities following the completion of our planned contribution period in August.

The Decentraland team will subjectively reward clear proposals for Decentraland content (cinemas, games, museums, etc.), content creation, feedback, thoughtful discussion, and other contributions made to the Decentraland project. These rewards can be tracked here.

To get involved and earn rewards, check out our three-step guide.

Join the Community

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A blockchain-based virtual reality world.

Franco Zeoli

Written by

Co-founder at Nomic Labs.


A blockchain-based virtual reality world.

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