Decentraland Updates — November 7th

News and updates from the Decentraland Project

From launching the alpha version of our land editor to meeting with the best and brightest at the devcon3, these past two weeks have been an all-hands-on-deck push to get the first version of some great new tools that will help make the metaverse a reality.

Launching the Alpha Version of the Decentraland Editor

We launched the alpha version of our parcel editor. This represents a significant step toward the Iron Age of Decentraland. The editor is based on the A-Frame Inspector and features WebRTC voice and text chat, as well as real-time multiuser collaboration for building out the parcels. Content is stored on the permanent web by using the Inter-Planetary File Storage (IPFS) system.

EthAlarm: Get Smart Contract Notifications

The explosion of creativity that the Ethereum ecosystem has witnessed over the past two years is a direct result of the community’s commitment to open source technology. In this spirit, we are introducing EthAlarm, the first in a series of open-source tools designed to help developers better interact with their smart contracts. EthAlarm is a simple notification app that triggers notifications following specific Ethereum smart contract events. It requires just 3 inputs: your contract address, the trigger event and the notification type (email or web hook). Read more about it here.

New Decentraland Telegram

Please join us in our new official Telegram channel. We will be using Telegram as an update platform for announcements, discussions and questions you may have for the project!

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