Decentraland Updates — November 21st

News and updates from the Decentraland project

The past two weeks have been focused on testing and improving our land editor and making sure that the entire community has a chance to participate in the terraform registration prior to the upcoming Terraform event this December. We’re also gearing up our mock Genesis City auction with a group of private beta testers. Finally, since there have been so many great district proposals from our community members we have decided to start featuring them in these project updates!

Improvements to the Land Editor

The Decentraland land editor is a significant step toward our Iron Age. These past few weeks have been devoted to identifying and addressing bugs and improving the overall usability and experience of the scene editor. Some important improvements included the ability to import 3d models directly from Google Poly, refining the save feature, and integration with IPFS. We’ve also been working on integrating it with the web client and improving our deployment processes to speed up the internal testing.

Genesis City Auction Test Run

The mock auction for Genesis City is currently underway and working out as expected. If you would like to join our beta tester program, please email us at

Using Ledger Wallet in the Terraform Registration

MANA holders are now able to use their Ledger Nano wallets to participate in the Genesis City Auction registration! You can follow this tutorial to do so:

Project Spotlight: Decentraland University

Our first in a series of project spotlights, Decentraland University is an ambitious project led by community member James Ashton. Asked about the project, James said “Decentraland University strives to be a groundbreaking center of education in VR. It will feature VR learning content with virtual class training to deliver unique educational facilities. For instance, it will host the school of Astronomy with its own Observatory, allowing outer space to be explored in VR. There are many other child projects already in the works, such as The Grand Lecture Hall, Crypto College, VR Academy, The University Library and numerous schools for other related subjects.” As of writing, the project has received widespread support from the Decentraland community, having collected over 675 parcels of land to bring this vision to fruition!

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