Dev Updates: November 28th

As we approach the end of the month, we’re getting ready for a very eventful December.

Genesis City Auction

We just published the source code of the Terraform auction, which is currently undergoing security audits. We have completed the internal testing phase and are working on the performance and user interface, and onboarding beta testers from within our community to help with the QA. If interested, please drop us a note at

We have also released a new UI for the Terraform Registration dApp. Check it out! You still have until November the 31st to get the 10% spending bonus when you participate in the Genesis City auction.


Most of our tools and programs are being built as open source, static websites. This has significantly accelerated our development cycles. 3 out of 5 ongoing projects are static websites: the land manager, the scene editor, and the web client.

In line with our open source philosophy, four of these five projects are already open source: the Scene Editor, a Land Management tool, the IPFS gateway that bridges the browser to the IPFS network, and a WebRTC signaling service to bootstrap P2P communications.

We’re working with artists and modelers to populate the initial city with high quality content. We’ve been uploading models and making sure that the client is performant enough on VR headsets. District leaders are invited to see how the current publishing flow works.

We’re also working on a service to make light maps, which will enable us to craft good looking 3D models on the web client, based on an outline on how to do this published in our wiki.

LAND Contract

Our land contract has been updated to follow the EIP721 working draft for Non-Fungible Tokens. This is, as far as we know, the first generic implementation of NFTs, and we hope to continue collaborating on this standard. We’re working towards this standardization so that exchanges and wallets will be able to support these kind of tokens.

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