Genesis City Auction Tutorial

Everything you need to know to participate in the largest virtual land auction in history.

The Terraform Event

Note: for our Mandarin-speaking users, you may refer to this guide.


The auction starts on December 15th at 10 pm GMT. It will run for one week, excluding extensions made on parcels with last minute bids.

To participate in the auction, you must have committed MANA to the Genesis City Auction in advance. We will regularly update the Decentraland Twitter, Blog and Rocket Chat throughout the auction.

The auction will not be held on the Ethereum blockchain. Instead, it will be conducted off-chain. This will allow bids to execute quickly, avoiding any congestion of the Ethereum network and gas fees. Final ownership of successful bids will be recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

The total amount of land in Genesis City is 90,000 parcels. Approximately 40,000 parcels have been staked to community districts. The remaining parcels (minus roads and community parks) will be available to bid on.

All MANA that is used to buy land will be burnt at the end of the auction. Each parcel has an (X,Y) coordinate on the map. The central plaza is located at coordinates (0,0), and the most distant parcels being at X,Y = +/- 150,150. East is positive X, West is negative X, South is positive Y, and North is negative Y.

Note: We’ve also prepared a series of instructional videos that you can use:
Tutorial 1: Getting Started
Tutorial 2: Navigating the platform
Tutorial 3: Bidding on land
Tutorial 4: Outbidding, modifying and editing a bid.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Make sure that you have the MetaMask wallet installed.

2. Log into MetaMask using the account from which you staked MANA to the Genesis City auction.

3. In your web browser, go to

4. You will then see the parcel map of Decentraland. It will look like the graphic below, although the colors may differ from what is shown here, depending on the progress of the auction.

5. To understand the color coding, please refer to the chart below. Also, the Help "(?)" popup window inside the auction app explains the rules of the auction as well as this color key.

6. To the left of the help button, you will see a “Mini Map” of the world with a dark rectangle showing the area you are currently viewing in the main window.

7. You can slide the main window view around by using Click and Drag with your mouse or touchpad.

8. If you want to see the “whole world”, you can also zoom out using the browser zoom control, pressing Ctrl — or Ctrl +, or using your mouse’s scroll wheel. Please note that you may experience the following temporary issues:

  • When you zoom out quickly, the window may take a long time to repaint.
  • You may get a message from the server that it has timed out. Simply reload the page.
  • You may need to zoom back in to see additional information within the auction app.

9. Three classifications of land were reserved prior to the auction:

  • Plaza: This is open space reserved by Decentraland for community use and access.
  • Roads: Also reserved by Decentraland, roads are laid out throughout the world to connect the central plaza (at 0,0) to other plazas and districts.
  • Districts: You will see the district name at the bottom of the parcel popup.

10. Parcels with no bids will just show their (X,Y) coordinates.

11. Search using the “Search for Districts or Coordinates” control at the top left of the Auction app. You can enter a pair of (X,Y) coordinates or a district name. Read the district proposals for more information.

12. The left sidebar has important information about bidding, including your available MANA balance and the status of parcels you are bidding on. Click the double arrow to expand. In the window, enter an email address where you will get notices every 8 hours about the status of your bids.

  • If you are outbid, the amount you bid will be returned to your available balance.
  • If you win a bid, the full amount you bid will be taken, and you will own the parcel.
  • If you are the leading bidder during the auction, the amount you have bid is locked into that bid until you win or are outbid.

13. To bid on an available parcel:

  • Left click on the parcel to view the bidding popup.
  • If the parcel has not been bid on, the minimum bid will be 1000.
    If the parcel has an existing bid, you will see the higher minimum bid.
  • To the right of your bid is your remaining balance, which is the maximum you can bid on that parcel.
  • Read the rules on the help page to learn about when a bid wins, what happens when someone bids shortly before the auction expires, etc.

14. Once you set the amount of your bid in the popup dialogue, click the [Bid] button.

15. A Pending Confirmations window will pop up, showing your bid. The parcel you are about to bid on will appear as green on the map to help you know what you are bidding on.

  • You can add additional parcels to the bid list (at the minimum bid amount) by shift+clicking on them. Each parcel will show as green on the map.

16. You can remove or edit individual parcels from the list by clicking the ‘x’ or pencil icon.

17. Cancel all pending bids by clicking “Clear All X”.

18. To confirm your bid, carefully:

  • Click [Confirm Bid].
  • A MetaMask popup window will appear, showing the parcel coordinates and bid amounts for each parcel you are bidding.
  • If you don’t want to proceed, click the [Cancel] button.
  • If you do want to proceed, click the [Sign] button.
  • If signed, parcels will change to the winning color. Hovering over your parcels will be part of your Ethereum account, the amount of your bid, and how long before the bid wins the parcel if nobody else bids.
  • Please Note: You may have to refresh the page in your browser for your stats show up in the left bar.

Video tutorials

For video tutorials, please take a look at the links below.

  1. Getting Started.
  2. Navigation.
  3. Bidding on Land.
  4. Outbidding, Modifying and Editing.

Get in touch

We’re anticipating heavy demand. To prepare, our development team has implemented exhaustive security measures. The tutorials listed above should provide you with clear, precise instructions for participation. If you still require assistance, please reach out via one of the channels listed below: