How to participate in the Decentraland Token Launch

How to purchase MANA: The tutorial

This document describes how to participate in the Decentraland token sale, assuming basic knowledge of how to set up a wallet and transfer Ether.

Note: If you’re an advanced user and wish to invest directly from your wallet, skip to the “Buying MANA directly from an ERC20-compatible wallet” section by the end of this guide.

Disclaimer: These instructions are offered only as a guidance to participate in the Decentraland MANA token sale. We cannot make any representations or warranties that this material is complete or accurate.

The Decentraland MANA token sale is accessed via a Chrome extension. The first step to access the sale is to download and install the Google Chrome browser, in case you haven’t done it before, and then add the extension.

Note that since Chrome for mobile phones and tablets does not support extensions, you will need to access it from a desktop omputer.

IMPORTANT: Don’t ask others for the link to the extension and don’t install an extension claiming to be our token sale extension if you found the link on a public chat room or if someone sent it to you. If you already installed the Decentraland Token Sale extension, but you didn’t do so by clicking on the link on this guide, uninstall it and install it again following our link. Don’t trust any other source other than our official content. This is to protect you from malicious third-parties.

After the installation, look in the top right of your Chrome browser and you will see a Decentraland logo. Click on it to open the extension.

After accepting the terms and conditions, if the token sale has not yet started, you will see the following page.

Note that the actual token sale will begin in a different block.

A block is a set of transactions in the Ethereum blockchain, which advance at roughly one block every 20 seconds. The crowdsale will begin once a specific block is reached.

Once that block is reached, you will see the main token sale page.

This page shows first the total sum raised to date: the total raised funds in US dollars with respect to the final goal, how many MANA tokens have been created so far, and the current price of each MANA token in USD. Keep in mind that the price increases as the token sale progresses (there’s a discount in place for earlier contributors).

Also, on the right-hand side, you will see a ticker indicating how much time is left until the end of the token sale; once the sale ends, you will no longer be able to purchase MANA tokens from here.

The crowdsale stats: total raised funds, total MANA created, current price, goal, and remaining time.

In the bottom half of the page you will see your current balance, and the option to purchase MANA with either Ether or Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Your current balance in MANA.

Whether you choose to buy MANA with Ether or with BTC, you will first have to create your wallet, if you haven’t done so before.

Enter a password to download your wallet file.

After carefully reading the instructions, enter a secure password, and your wallet file will be created and downloaded. This file is encrypted, and can only be decrypted with the password you enter in this page.

Note that Decentraland does not store your password or wallet. Should you lose either of the two, you will lose access to any MANA tokens you purchase, without any way to recover them. As such, make sure you store them securely and have a backup in a safe location. The wallet file, once decrypted, is the only way to access your tokens.

After downloading your wallet, if you chose to buy with Ether, you will see the following page:

Note that your actual investing address will be different. Don’t send ether to this address or you’ll lose them.

From your wallet, or any vault or exchange, transfer the desired amount of Ether to the address shown to you.

As an example, if you are using for managing your Ether, go to the Send Ether & Tokens section and enter the address presented to you by the pre-sale app, the amount of Ether you want to invest, and generate and send the transaction.

Please note that this is an example, and not an endorsement of as a means to manage your Ether. We cannot guarantee the correct behaviour of myetherwallet or any other software you use for managing your digital assets.

A few minutes after the transfer is sent, the application will let you know of the amount of Ether received and redirect you back to the dashboard. Note that a small fee is applied to the transaction to cover for processing costs, so the actual amount of Ether you see will be slightly smaller than the amount you transferred.

Back in the dashboard, you will see your transaction flagged as pending. Transactions are not confirmed until some time (no more than a few minutes) has passed.

Eventually, after a few more blocks are mined, you will see your transaction confirmed and MANA tokens claimed.

Should you choose to buy MANA tokens with BTC or other cryptocurrency, you will see the following page:

From here, you can hit the Pay with Altcoins button to open a Shapeshift dialog. Shapeshift is a third party service that provides automatic conversion between cryptocurrencies; in this case, you can transfer any coin to the address instructed and it will be converted to Ether and used to purchase MANA tokens on your behalf.

Note that Shapeshift is an external service not affiliated with Decentraland or Coral. We cannot guarantee the correct behaviour or provide support for any issues that may occur when using Shapeshift for exchanging currency.

You can refer to this video tutorial for more information on using Shapeshift.

After the transaction is completed, you will once again be taken to your dashboard where you will see your operation flagged as pending until it is confirmed a few minutes later.

You may keep purchasing MANA tokens as long as the Crowdsale is still open and the target goal hasn’t been reached.

Accessing your tokens using the JSON wallet file

You can import your wallet to access your tokens using any ERC20-compatible wallet that supports Keystore Files (UTC / JSON).

As an example, if you are using MyEtherWallet for managing your Ether, go to the New Wallet section and click on “Use your Keystore File (UTC / JSON) to access your account.”

Then choose the “Keystore File (UTC / JSON)” option, and upload your wallet file.

You’ll be asked for the password you used to protect your wallet file, and then the tokens will become available on MyEtherWallet for you to manage.

Buying MANA directly from an ERC20-compatible wallet

If you’re an advanced user and wish to use your existing ERC20 ETH wallet, our contract address is 0xA66d83716c7CFE425B44D0f7ef92dE263468fb3d and the starting block is 4170700.