Huobi, BigOne, OKEx, Exchange Union & HitBTC Join the Terraform Event to Build Virtual Trading Environments

Businesses continue to find ample opportunities within Decentraland.

Since the Terraform Event began, Decentraland has attracted multiple enterprise-level projects. Over the past few weeks, we’ve partnered with blockchain projects like RCN, Aelf, FBG Capital, OTOY's Render Token, Ethlance, and Bancor.

Today, we’re excited to announce that many of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges will be participating in the Terraform Event in order to advance their VR presence and capabilities. The participating exchanges include OKEx, Huobi, BigONE, Exchange Union, and HitBTC.

The value that Decentraland can bring to these platforms was readily apparent to their management teams. By participating, these exchanges are securing a place within Decentraland to build a virtual environment for their millions of users.

“As one of the first major crypto exchanges to enter the VR landscape, we’re excited to see how we can innovate to better serve our customers.“ — Leon Li, CEO at Huobi
"We are tremendously excited to work with Decentraland. Virtual environments present a great opportunity and we're happy to be one of the first exchanges to recognize this". — Chris Lee, CEO of OKEx

At first, these parcels of land will be developed to serve as hubs to connect with new audiences. Later, these exchanges will allow users to sign-up directly for each service. Long-term, this infrastructure will evolve into an environment that provides fully-functional trading capabilities inside of our virtual world.

“Near-term, we plan to use our virtual exchange as a place to provide info on pricing and allow people to register. Ultimately, we hope to build an immersive virtual trading environment within Decentraland.“ — Eric Meltzer, CEO at BigOne

We’re excited to see an increasing number of projects participate in the Terraform Event, from both the blockchain industry and beyond. If you’d like to join, please reference our Genesis City Auction Tutorial.

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